About Quiltscapes:
More specifically, about becoming a (dot) com.

The name Quiltscapes is what came to mind when I began my longarm quilting business.  It is how I percieve the texture of a quilted quilt, and how a finished quilt becomes something beyond just a flat piece of fabric, somewhere between 2-D and 3-D, an almost living thing, brought to life with my quilting.  I know, deep, huh?  Quiltscapes. 

When I was trying to set up a domain name, apparently there is a fabric store in Texas that uses quiltscapes.com for their store website.  It doesn't seem to have anything to do with their store name, location or any other thing that I could tell online.  Then there is the amazing, beautiful "Quiltscapes" artwork by Rebecca Barker, which I only discovered AFTER I had registered my business name in 2004 with my state.  

And the extra "QS"?  The perfect acronym for just about everything else in my quilty world:
QS =
QuiltScapes  The blog.  Documenting my quilted world.
Quilting Services (Longarm Machine-Quilting Business), also found at QuiltscapesQuilting.com
Quilt School (My Classes)
Quiltscapes Shop (Downloadable patterns at my Etsy store)
Quilt Snippets (Simple projects from/for the sewing room)
Q's (as in "Cues" or Tutorials, Tips, Tricks & Tools)  The blog is loaded with free tutorials and other tidbits for projects, techniques, gadgets, and advice.  It is my personal goal to explore the best and most simplified ways of creating beautiful quilts, then in turn, teach "new"quilters, or anyone who wants to learn along with me.  For about five years, my How to Sew/How to Quilt tutorials were featured monthly at www.rileyblakedesigns.com, and you can see some of those lessons in a 9-part "How To Quilt" YouTube video series with Cindy, the owner of Riley Blake Designs, as well as on my TUTORIALS page here on the blog.
Q's (as in Questions and Queries, as in "Ask Deonn").  I get lots of these ?s daily - phone calls, emails, comments, etc.  I try to answer these quilty questions either in responses or by creating new tutorials.  What do you want to know?  Let's find out together!
And lastly...
Quilt'Scapes as in Quilt Escapes.  My sewing studio is all set up for group sewing, with multiple sewing, pressing and cutting stations for classes, sew days or retreats.  See the schedule HERE, or send an email, text or call (435) 503-7412 for more info.


About Deonn:  

I love every aspect of quilting!  I love to design and make quilts, teach quilting classes, hang out in the studio and do custom free-motion quilting or computerized quilting for clients on my longarm quilting machines, Old Betsy and Lil' Mo!   I constantly think about quilting, dream about quilting, talk about quilting, and can hardly wait to get up in the mornings to get quilting!  Fabric speaks to me, and I listen... You might say I'm a little bit passionate about quilting....

Quilting is a connection to generations of women in my family.  I began sewing as a child, and have many fond memories of spending time in the sewing room with my mother and sisters.  I pretty much grew up under a quilt frame, helping my mom tie quilts, eventually learning to hand-quilt whole-cloth tricot wedding quilts with my Grandma. I remember looking over my Great-grandma's shoulder as she pieced countless quilts for charity and family. 

My first pieced quilt was a log cabin quilt that my Mother had begun shortly before her death in 1999.  It would have been her first pieced quilt too.  I finished the quilt and gave it to my Dad the following Christmas.  It was made with love and tears, and healed my grief with every stitch.  I was hooked!  And as history has a way of repeating itself, I now enjoy spending time in the sewing room with my own daughters (my son, too!). Each of them are accomplished quilters as well and have received numerous awards and recognition for their sewing and quiltmaking.  A
quilting demo took one of the girls to a national 4-H competition in 2009.  They are all comfortable with a sewing machine, which is very gratifying!

Twenty-year-old triplets and their "Turning Twenty" quilts

I love teaching quilting classes to both youth and adults, and have been a featured teacher at many sewing and quilting conferences and quilt shops around my area. Working at home gives me the flexibility to pursue other passions.  I also enjoy reading, arranging music, desktop publishing and have compiled several cookbooks.  You can usually find me hanging out in the sewing room or the kitchen with my family.  My dear husband is a terrific quilt husband, and has mad skills with a rotary cutter himself!  You can see what's happening at the Chateau de Stott here, or give a call and stop by for a visit!  

Stott Family circa 2008