Friday, February 16, 2024

Ultimate Binding & Edge-Finishing Guide - It's Here!!

Woohoo!  They're here!  Yep, that was me, waiting at the door, then jumping up and down on my porch hollering "Woohoo!" like a little kid.  My book is finally here!  

Want a signed copy  PURCHASE HERE  

Loaded with a ton of simple tips and tricks, I think this little book will be a wonderful resource for quilters and sewists who want simple solutions to finish their quilts and other sewn projects.  

Not only does it cover all the basics of binding a quilt; calculation, preparation, and application (including that elusive final spliced seam), but gives more than 16 "alternate endings" starting with Simple Solutions such as adding specialty trim or creating prairie points or scallops or even "invisible" faced binding.  

The Fancy Finishes section takes a look at pieced binding: faux-piped binding, scrappy, and even piece-as-you-go binding!  Deluxe Edges answers all the questions about odd-angled and curvy or scalloped edges as well.  This book will help you finish your projects with confidence all the way to the final stitch!

Have you gotten yours yet?  Grab your copy online - it's everywhere!! Or purchase from my website if you'd like me to sign one for you!    PURCHASE HERE 

Big thanks to everyone for your support!


Happy Quilting!

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Ultimate Binding & Edge-Finishing Guide Book - it's almost here!!

photo courtesy of Fox Chapel/Landauer Publishing

I am thrilled and just a little bit giddy that my book is coming SOON!!  February 6th is the publication date.  I am on pins and needles!!

While in Houston at the International Quilt Market last fall, I met up with Amelia Johanson, the Acquisitions Editor I spoke with at last year's Market to propose my book idea.  A few weeks later came the message "We have a book!"  Then to see a sample of it on their shelf - well...  my face...

Think of this booklet as a ready reference guide with not only all the basics of binding a quilt; calculation, preparation, application, etc, but as a go-to guide for a myriad of other ways to finish quilts and other hand-sewn items.  I think you are going to want one for yourself! 
To order your signed copy, click here:  Ultimate Binding & Edge-Finishing Guide.  

Here's a trailer:

Ultimate Binding Book Trailer courtesy of Fox Chapel/Landauer

You got this!  Binding does not have to be your nemesis, as I heard someone once say.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A Season of Thanks and a SALE!

A wonderful Thanksgiving week is in the books!  It has been a season of Thanks, indeed! 

Had a chance to visit with the Matriarchs of our family, my Aunt Marjory and my dear Mother-in-law, both of whom are 91 years young!  Delightful women who, despite some physical challenges, have minds that are still very active, engaging, and interested in every detail of our lives.  I am always interested in the stories they each have to tell.

We have recently added two new grandbabies to our clan, and are grateful for all of these delightful little grandchildren who bring such joy to our lives!

And, as I reflect on the past year of traveling and teaching, I am consistently struck by the sense of camaraderie among quilters.  No matter where you go in the world, you can always find a quilty friend!  I feel thankful for those opportunities to gain new friends, learn new tips and techniques, and share our creativity together.   

At Quilt Market last month, I connected with several people I've known or have met or even just corresponded with over the years, and I also made lots of new friends.  I was so excited to meet up with Amelia Johanson, acquisitions editor and Debra Kaunitz, account manager of Fox Chapel/Landauer Publishing.  And it was a thrill to see a BLAD ("Book Layout and Design") and hold it in my hands!  I may or may not have cried like a baby when I saw it on their shelf!  The BLAD is a pre-publication example of the book with about 8 pages, used for sales.  

The publication date for the book is February 6th, and will begin shipping in January!  You can pre-order a signed copy from me here:  Ultimate Binding & Edge-Finishing Guide.  Look for a full post a little closer to publication.

Meanwhile, I'm having a SALE!! Through Dec 2nd, I've got a sale going on at Quiltscapes, where you can enjoy a 25% discount on all items site-wide. Use the code THANKS25. Whether you're planning to create a festive tree skirt for the holidays or explore other patterns, now is the perfect time to indulge your creative spirit!

Happy Quilting!

~ Deonn

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Cuddle Buddies - Felix the Fox

Felix the Fox Cuddle(R) Blanket and Stuffie

When I spied this adorable "Cuddle Buddies" kit over at Missouri Star Quilt Co, I knew it was the perfect thing to make for my newest grandson, born just a month ago.  

Cuddle Blankets
These are so quick and easy to make!  

This little throw is made of two layers of plush fur, spray-basted together with temporary spray adhesive.  I love Odif's 505 spray - non-toxic, no smell, and holds the layers together.  It's perfect for sewing with minky.  

Trim the blanket to even out the edges, then add a binding.  The binding holds the project together permanently.  

Because Cuddle comes 60" wide there will often be leftover strips.  Rather than using cotton for binding, I use those extra strips of minky for binding.  Seams are joined with a diagonal seam to distribute the bulk as with a regular cotton binding.  

Binding is sewn to the back in a single layer, then brought to the front to finish.   

Corners are mitered, then the binding is stitched down with a serpentine stitch. 

{{  This technique using minky strips for binding is another one of those "alternate endings"
included in my new book,
coming in February -  available for pre-order now. }}

I quickly made a couple of these minky throws for the baby's older brothers.  You could make a quilt of it by adding batting between the layers.  These little throws are just right for story time, or just dragging around the house.

Felix the Fox Cuddle Buddies Kit
This cute kit came with a selection of different textured Cuddle fabrics to make the cute strip-pieced blanket, along with Kimberbell patterns for an adorable little fox to applique on the quilt, plus enough supplies to make the sweet plushie to accompany it.

Did you know you can applique' with minky?  I do not have an embroidery feature on my sewing machines, but it's simple enough to machine-stitch.  Here are a few tips.

1)  Adhere fusible web on the back.  I used Heat 'n' Bond light.
2)  Cut out the pieces from the back.  Sharp scissors are a must!  Cutting from the back makes it easy to cut just the fabric base and not the fur.

3)  Keep a vacuum handy!  The fur really flies!

4)  Iron to adhere the applique' pieces to the background using a damp press cloth.
5)  Use an open-toe foot with the needle positioned to the right which allows the toe to glide along the edge of the applique.  Stitch with a blanket or zigzag stitch.

So cute!

Cuddle Buddy

Kimberbell's pattern book to make Felix the Fox has detailed, thorough instructions.  Stitching the parts from plush fur is made easier by stitching through the paper.  

Here's another tip:  Once the seams are sewn, use a toothpick or other semi-sharp tool to pull the fur out of the seam.

The pieces were relatively simple to put together - just needed lots and lots of pins!  Oh, he's adorable!

Took a trip to the zoo with my little grandsons the other day while the weather was still nice.  The baby is a bit young for this toy, but his big brothers, ages 2 and 4, like it, and took turns playing with their new buddy!  Even met a new friend, Rusty!!

"Hi, Mr. Fox!"

Then it was the 2-year-old's turn!


Yep, I think Gramma may need to make one or two more Cuddle Buddies!

Big thanks to the folks at Missouri Star for sponsoring this post - you can find this Cuddle Buddies kit online at their website,  << Use this link for a one-time 15% discount at checkout on your entire purchase.