Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Quilted Shoes!!

I recently had the chance to take a class at a retreat where I was teaching, which doesn't happen very often!  How could I resist quilted shoes!?! 

Lots of supplies, tools and gadgets to make these! 
* First is the purchased Shoe Base - from SneakerKit
* Two Fat Quarters quilted with two layers of double-sided fusible interfacing plus Soft & Stable sandwiched between, plus fabric for bias binding and shoelaces.  I chose a fun and funky fat quarter called Gradients Auras by Moda #33733-15 Onyx.
* Eyelet and hole punch pliers, plus eyelet supplies
* Wax Thread and a large, long needle to sew the fabric to the base.

I have to show you my binding.  I used some binding I already had on hand, complete with music notes, which tickles me!   And even though no one will ever see that my binding has 🎵 on it, I'll know.  And..... it only took about 4 hours to stitch, pick out, restitch, pick out, glue it down, apply heat to keep it put, then re-stitch, then stitch in the ditch to finish, then pick out a few spots where it missed on the back, then restitch.  😂

Yep, four hours to bind about 40 inches along the edges of my shoes.  Had to laugh at myself.  I mean,  I literally just wrote the book on binding... it was quite funny.  This binding was cut on the straight grain, a little fact I overlooked when I grabbed it and headed to the retreat.  Also, it called for 1-1/2" binding strips, so of course, I obediently trimmed my strips down to that size.  Just a couple of challenges!  I'm actually pretty thrilled with the result.  

Once the fabric is prepped, you punch holes for the eyelets, and more holes to correspond with the pre-punched holes in the sole.  Then you can stitch the fabric to the base.

Lace 'em up! ♥♥

I'm already planning my next pair...  I'll probably use bias strips to bind those edges.😂

I used Sneakerkit soles, from  It is a European company, and so are the sizes.  Here's an instructional VIDEO.  Download the shoe patterns HERE.  You can also find soles at,, and

Happy Sewing!


P.S. If you're a local, I hear there's a bonus class happening near Ogden, Utah on June 1st.  Send an email to to get in on the details of this class.  Hurry, space is limited!  If that's filled, try signing up for the Footloose and Fancy Shoes class at the Utah Quilt Guild's Quiltfest in August.  Registration is not yet open - keep checking at 

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Another Ypsilon in the Books!

Hi, and Welcome to Quiltscapes for today's "Thank Goodness it's FINISHED" Friday!  So glad you are here!  

"Evan's Ypsilon" by Deonn Stott 
featuring Expressions Batiks (pages 120-130) by Riley Blake Designs

This version of my Ypsilon* pattern is pretty fun!  I had been wanting to make a lap quilt for my Honey, and had a selection of these Batiks in blues, browns, and gold precut 10-inch squares.  The perfect fabrics for a "Guy" quilt.  

*Ypsilon = Greek symbol ψ. Yep, there are Y-seams (they're easy tho!), and the blocks look like Y's -- It's a "Y" Quilt! 

I didn't have quite enough fabrics to make it the length I wanted; it was almost square.  So I picked out the blocks on the edges, did a little trimming, and grew the quilt to make it longer.

I quilted all the darks with a cross-hatch grid, autumn leaves in the medium-toned areas, and a paisley curl in the light sections, outlining each "Y" and changing thread colors to match.  ♥♥

I used a textured Cuddlesoft Minky for the backing.  Oh, yeah, it's yummy, all right!

And then it was time for binding.  I just *happened* to have this striped binding lying around, which I used in my new BOOK to demonstrate Bias Binding and fussy-pieced stripes.  It had all the colors in the quilt.

My Honey wanted the picket fence edges to stay, so I left them alone instead of cutting them off straight.  And, he likes the binding, even though it seems a little louder than the quilt itself, lol!  By the way, binding those Odd-Angled edges is also a chapter in my new book! (Scroll back through the previous few posts to find out more!)

My honey loves his quilt.  But he can't have it quite yet, I need it for a sample when I teach my Ypsilon class at a retreat in Bryce Canyon next week!  When I come back, I promise we'll snuggle up in it to watch Jeopardy! 😄

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

How to (Quickly) Bind a Quilt

This little clip is featured* in my NEW BOOK!
"A go-to guide on how to ensure your projects are edged perfectly! This must-have resource details 16 binding techniques and various ways to finish a project, including traditional, bias, scalloped, chenille binding, invisible-faced, odd-angles and more. With easy-to-follow tutorials, coordinating photography, and *video links to further enhance instruction, this guide belongs in every crafter's library." ~ Fox Chapel Publishing

Supplies: → Vinyl glove - Use it on your left hand - beneficial to grip the quilt while binding! It has just enough grip to alleviate strain on the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and that little pinch between the shoulder blades. Give it a try!

→ Binding Strips: For machine-binding, I use 2-1/8" strips joined end to end with a diagonal seam. I like a nice, tight, skinny binding like this because I can use my 1/4" foot with a guide on the side to keep the seam allowance a consistent width. Use matching thread, reduce the stitch length, then trim and press the seam open to distribute the bulk. I like to roll and store my binding in a little figure eight so it pulls out straight, ready to apply.

→ Scissors that are sharp all the way to the tip. Pinking shears can be used to trim the seams and reduce even more bulk.

→ Pins or Clips

Helpful: → 1/4" Presser Foot with a guide on the side
→ Edge-Joining or "Stitch in the Ditch" foot with a center guide to follow along the "ditch".
The book details all the steps for calculation, preparation, and application of your binding for a pretty-close-to-perfect finish every time!

Purchase the book at (signed copy), or google to find it everywhere online! Look what popped up today on Amazon under Hot New Releases!!

It's also available as a Kindle edition from Amazon, and is #5 on the list today!! Shop owners will find the book through every major Distributor (Checker, Moda, EE Schenk, Brewer, etc.) Find the Vivienne quilt pattern, Little Birdie Pincushion, and more over at Quiltscapes Etsy Shop.
May all your quilts have happy "edgings"! Deonn


Friday, February 16, 2024

Ultimate Binding & Edge-Finishing Guide - It's Here!!

Woohoo!  They're here!  Yep, that was me, waiting at the door, then jumping up and down on my porch hollering "Woohoo!" like a little kid.  My book is finally here!  

Want a signed copy  PURCHASE HERE  

Loaded with a ton of simple tips and tricks, I think this little book will be a wonderful resource for quilters and sewists who want simple solutions to finish their quilts and other sewn projects.  

Not only does it cover all the basics of binding a quilt; calculation, preparation, and application (including that elusive final spliced seam), but gives more than 16 "alternate endings" starting with Simple Solutions such as adding specialty trim or creating prairie points or scallops or even "invisible" faced binding.  

The Fancy Finishes section takes a look at pieced binding: faux-piped binding, scrappy, and even piece-as-you-go binding!  Deluxe Edges answers all the questions about odd-angled and curvy or scalloped edges as well.  This book will help you finish your projects with confidence all the way to the final stitch!

Have you gotten yours yet?  Grab your copy online - it's everywhere!! Or purchase from my website if you'd like me to sign one for you!    PURCHASE HERE 

Big thanks to everyone for your support!


Happy Quilting!