Monday, March 18, 2019

Quite a Qwazy Project!

Welcome to my day to share on the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop to help celebrate Worldwide Quilting Day!

Big THANKS to Marian @ SeamstobeSew for organizing and hosting this annual hop.  This year's theme:  What's the craziest thing you've made?

Well, I don't know if it's the craziest, but it is a bit wacky and the craziest thing lately.  And wonderful!

It's an interesting phenomenon.  Maybe you have experienced this:  An unexpected stash bequeathment from someone in your family, neighborhood, etc. just because you have a sewing room!  It's a mixed blessing, isn't it?  Sometimes it can be a pain to sort through someone else's crap er, stash.  And sometimes, every once-in-a-while in these passings-along, you find some real treasures!  You know what they say about one man's trash...

My friend Shauna had cleaned out her mother Ruth's sewing room, sorted out what she and her family wanted to keep, then brought me the leavings.  I told her I would see if there were any pieces that I could use and donate the rest to the local quilt guild for charity quilts.  There were several garbage bags full of fabrics, quite a few of which would make good backings, and those were passed on to the guild.

Then I spied some half-square triangles packaged in a zipped baggie.  It appeared that the fabrics were from old clothing.  I began to lay them out, thinking, "Oh, this would make a fun doggie bed".  Then I found more and more baggies full of these half-square triangles.  In all, there were over 200 of these units!

The black pieces were from pants, skirts, lining, etc. and the colored part of the blocks were random fabrics: mostly double-knit polyester, with some wool, linen, paisley prints, silk, velour, and who-knows-what other content. Grandma Ruth's old pantsuits!  This tickled me so much.

Then I proceeded to trim all the units to a consistent size (5-inch squares).  Eleanor Burns' 6-1/2" Triangle Square-Up ruler was a lifesaver!   (See my Tutorial of how to trim all 4 sides at once.)  It filled up my grandmother's old brass bucket in a hurry.

The colors were vibrant and bright, and I began laying them out on the sewing room floor in color order to see if I could make a pattern of some sort.  It kept growing and growing.  I spent a few days laying out blocks, switching them out here and there.

I finally settled on this design, then filled in the open spaces with a few black squares, and I like it!  It's a design I've had in the back of my mind, and I was thrilled that I didn't have to sew all the triangles!  I have to wonder what Grandma Ruth had originally planned for all of these blocks.  

I took the blocks to a retreat and began sewing them together.  Here are some progress shots:

I love it!  Plus, that double-knit polyester will never wear out!  

Here's an evening shot after a rainstorm.  You can almost see the rainbow as it faded from sight - looks like it's shooting out of the quilt.  I think Grandma Ruth would have liked it.

I sent a picture of the quilt top to my friend Shauna, but she told me to keep the quilt, so I'm planning to quilt it and use it for a class sample; maybe demo different techniques to make half-square triangles.  Haha, look at all that texture!  Not the easiest to sew!

Now what should I call it??  How about "Oil Slick"?  You know, those rainbow-ish iridescent streaks you can see on the driveway when the oil leaks?  Or what about "Iridescence"?  "Luminescence"? "Prisms"?  "Polyester Prisms"?  "Prismatic Starburst"? "Rainbow Prisms"? "Wacky & Wonderful"?  "Grandma's Old Pantsuits"?  What would you call it?  I'm open to suggestions!  Also, should I write a pattern for it?

Leave a comment with your suggestion, if you'd like.  See what qwazy things are going on at the following blogs today, then check in with Marian @ SeamstobeSew to find the rest of the week's lineup and enter a great giveaway for $35 gift certificates from Fat Quarter Shop!

Deonn @ Quiltscapes <<

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

RBD's Novelty Print of the Month: Sharks & Fins

Baby Shark 🎵 doo, doo, do-doo, do-doo 🎵...

Have you heard the "Baby Shark" song?  If you are a parent/grandparent of toddlers, this "earworm" of a song is pretty popular.  Over 2 BILLION views on YouTube!  And only a little bit annoying.  😏  But it's the first thing I thought of when I took a look at Riley Blake Designs' fun novelty-print-of-the-month for March: Sharks & Fins.  Look, the sharks are singing along!

In addition to the Sharks and the Fins, these RBD Basics were the perfect complement to the quilt: Crayola Kaleidoscope in granite, Blossom in denim, Mini Hashtag in aqua, Confetti Cottons in Riley black and Riley white with nighttime Shades for the lettering.

If I ever have a piece of fabric that is too cute to cut, this Simple Sadie quilt is my go-to: minimal fabric, maximum fun! Sometimes I'll add a little applique' accent, if it warrants.  See samples HERE. I usually use the novelty print as the center.  This time, I thought the novelty prints seemed perfect for borders, with applique' elements as the focal point.

Look at those glorious colors of the sky and the ocean - perfectly reflected in these cute fabrics.  No color retouches necessary!  The fabrics arrived just in time for me to pack up and fly to Hawaii to visit my daughter and her husband and their brand new baby girl.  They've got a sweet little sewing room set up, and I stole some moments between baby cuddles to work on the quilt.  Good thing it was simple -- I just couldn't get enough of that baby!  

We test-drove my daughter's new Cricut cutter for the fabric lettering, backed with fusible web.  Tip:  Remove the paper backing prior to cutting for more optimum cuts.  You're welcome!  Took forevvver to remove the fabric (and paper) from the brand new sticky mat.  We blamed it on the lack of sleep but had to laugh at ourselves... and all the doo-doo....

Once I got the quilt top done, it was time to head to the beach for a few snapshots.

He's so cute.  Can you see the prairie point baby shark tooth?

It was a wee bit windy!

But so beautiful.  

So, I made the quilt top in Hawaii, then brought it home to quilt and bind.  The quilting design is "Waverly" by Ann Bright Designs. I think it looks like water.

Used the Blossom fabric for the binding.  Love that it adds a bit of sparkle!

And the backing - more of the Crayola Kaleidoscope fabric.  Looks a bit like fish scales. Perfect!

Aaaaaand, here's my beach.  Yep.  Still winter here in Heber Valley, Utah.  It's my Snow Shark.

My tropical drink.  With marshmallows.

Wish I could turn right around and deliver the quilt in person!  Guess I'll just have to rely on Facetime, Skype, photos and phone calls.  And save up for the next trip to Oahu!

I've made up templates for the baby shark, now available with the purchase of the Simple Sadie pattern over at my Etsy shop.  You can make a quilt like this one and sing the little song every time you see it.  I like this version of the song.  Learn the dance, then sing each verse with ♪ doo, doo, do-doo, do-doo ♪ in between!  Happy "earworm"!

Here's my teeny grandbaby, doing the "baby shark" with her little hand in her sleep.  Precious!

Ask for Sharks & Fins novelty prints at your local quilt shop, or shop online!  Locally, you'll be able to find the full line at Pine Needles @ Gardner Village both in store and online just as soon as it becomes available.  

P.S. If you're not a parent/grandparent of toddlers, you might enjoy James Cordon's grownup version of "Baby Shark" on the Late, Late Show featuring Josh Groban.  It's priceless!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Shirred Baby Romper - Baby Soft Woven Gingham!

I am thrilled to share what I've made with Riley Blake Designs' new line of basics: Woven Gingham!

This is new gingham, manufactured the old-fashioned way where each fiber is dyed before it's woven so the color is true on both sides. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Take me to Hawaii! + New Pattern

Woohoo!  I'm a GRANDMA!!

The little lady came a week early and is a little over 3,000 miles away in Hawaii.  Ten little fingers and toes, a sweet little mouth and chubby little cheeks, lots of dark hair, so precious!  Oh, I can't wait to see her and spend a couple of weeks with my daughter and her darling husband.  They are going to be such cute parents!

In celebration, I've finally gotten around to writing up the pattern for this fun little quilt.  Here's a cute example of the mini version, made by my friend, Moana.  Adorable!  Love her newsprint background fabric.

You can find the pattern at my Etsy shop HERE!  I figure if I can't be in Hawaii all the time, I'll wrap up in the lap-size quilt and dream about it instead.

Aloha, little one.  Gramma D is on her way!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Garden of Quilts - Coming in September!

Did you see this announcement?

Riley Blake Designs and Thanksgiving Point are pairing up for a phenomenal quilt show in Lehi, Utah, USA next September 12-14, 2019.  This is going to be amazing!  I'm marking my calendar right now!  Tickets are on sale now, and registration will be open February 1st.

Click HERE ↓ for TICKETS

Thanksgiving Point is so beautiful, and I think this Quilt Show will really be special.  Hope to see you next September!  

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Black & White

Welcome to my stop on my friend  Carla@Creatin'InTheSticks'  Black & White Blog Hop!

Kaleido-Medallion Quilt by Deonn Stott, 42" x 42" Wall Hanging
It's been a fun week to see everyone's black & white creations on this hop!  A big THANKS to Carla for thinking of this subject - I have been inspired!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Mary Elizabeth Project Tour!

Awww.  This is the sweetest material!  So glad I could have a chance to play with this new line:  
Mary Elizabeth by Christopher Thompson for Riley Blake Designs.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

"Hesketh House"

Hi, and welcome to my stop on Riley Blake Designs' Hesketh House Collection showcase!

Hesketh House is manufactured by Liberty of London, and Riley Blake Designs is the exclusive US distributor for Liberty Cotton.  Isn't this exciting?  You may have already sewn with Liberty's Tana

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Fancy Finishes: Scallop-Edge Binding

I was cleaning up my blog drafts and came upon this little gem from about 2015 that was never published!  As I'm preparing to teach several "Bindings & Alternate Endings" classes in the upcoming months, (one of my very favorite things to teach), this is a good time to review this technique.  And build up my "Binding Police" status, hahaha.  Here are some tips.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


So, as of December 28th, it appears that Craftsy reduced the number of quilt patterns available on their website from over 29,000 to around 2300!  With those odds, I guess I'm lucky that six of my 42 patterns were spared from the great purge; about 15%.  Here's my whole store.

What this means is, I'll probably need to ~