Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sweet Tweets...

My latest little mini Snippet for the sewing room...

You know you want to make one!!

Join me:
>> 2014 International Quilt Market, Houston, TX ~ Riley Blake Designs' Booth #1512
   Make & Take w/Deonn 10/25 - 3:00 pm, 10/26 - 11:00 am, 10/27 - 1:00 pm  (Full Schedule HERE)

>> Quiltscapes Studio (that's just a fancy way to say, "Come on over to the house and we'll make stuff!") 11/5 - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

>> Blackfoot Quilt Fest next Spring.

>> Tutorial and downloadable pattern will be available @ RBD Cutting Corners November 3rd!!<<

Below is a little photo shoot with my cute friend Ruth @ Ruthie Quilts during the Utah Quilt Festival last month. Ruth taught a class on her adorable covered retractible tape measure... what a cute little snippet!  She even paper-pieced the little house!

...then she tested my instructions for this sweet little tweet (or is it twit?... one of us has an attitude, lol!...)

Davidene's Quilt Shoppe kindly allowed us to use their little table topper (<<pattern by Nancy Halvorsen) for our photo shoot.

Birdie Buddies...

Stinkin' cute...
... the birds too.

Don't miss the tutorial next week - you're always welcome to subscribe/follow/cyber-stalk or send a note.  And if you're in the area, stop by for a visit!  Sew Days @ Quiltscapes (Quilt "Escapes") on Wednesdays... well unless I'm in Houston or some other marvelous place!
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sew Sweet Simplicity & Kickoff Giveaway

Jacquelynne Steves @ The Art of Home  is sharing a free Block of the Month! 

Welcome to Quiltscapes!  My name is Deonn, and just in case you're visiting for the first time, here's a little tidbit about me:  I learned to sew from my mother, tied my first quilt at around age 8, and have spent many hours (days, years, decades...) in the sewing room with Mom, sisters and eventually my own children, including triplet daughters.  I'm a longarm quilter with a home business, Quiltscapes, and I sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I love to dream, design, make stuff, dream about it some more, write up patterns and tutorials, practice singing while I quilt, then teach what I learn.  My girls often have to come check on me to water and feed me sometimes, lol!  You can find loads of free tutorials here including my favorite "Snippets from/for the Sewing Room".  You can also find my monthly "How to Sew/Quilt" tutorals over at Riley Blake Desings' Cutting Corners.  It's my personal quest to always look for budget-saving ways to simplify the process!  "If there's a simpler way..."  that's my motto.

So now about this sweet block of the month - sew sweet, sew easy - using squares, half-squares and flying geese units.  Jacquelynne's got a great tutorial for easy peasy flying geese HERE.  

I'm gathering my fabric, thinking of possibilities for this darling Sew-Along.  My favorite color combo right now (which changes daily, of course...) is red with teal, especially in my sewing room, since I have both a little red featherweight and a little teal Kaiser sewing machine... and loads of little accessory snippets to match, of course.  And I'm thinking my new quilt will hang out on the couch in the sewing room, so I'm considering these...

Adorn It - Crazy for Daisies Juicy Fruit
I'm honored to be joining Jacquelynne's blog hop each month to showcase her adorable patterns along with >> these gals! <<  

Now to decide:  applique', embroidery, or a floral print for the block centers.  Maybe a little of each?  Here's a sneak peek from Jacquelynne's blog:

I really enjoy Jacquelynne's sweet blog and newsletter - a gal after my own heart - making stuff and sharing it!  Her blog is loaded with free tutorials, recipes, patterns and an ebook, and now this free block of the month!  And just to get things rolling, she's provided a pattern bundle to give away! Isn't that just sew sweet?

Want to win this little prize bundle?  Just leave a comment telling me about your favorite color combo today. This giveaway will close on October 23rd at 5pm, just before I head off to Quilt Market! (find me at Riley Blake Designs' booth for some awesome free demos and Make'n'Takes!)  No-Reply Bloggers please leave an email address, or risk being disqualified from the drawing.  Thanks!
UPDATE:  Thanks for playing!  Giveaway is now closed.  Winner will be announced on Monday, 10/27/14.

Of course, you're always welcome to follow Quiltscapes here, on facebook, bloglovin' etc.etc., but not a requirement for the giveaway.  And the block of the month?  See all the details and sign up for Jacquelynne's newsletter HERE.  Kickoff is October 27th if you'd like to play along!

p.s.  Here are links to the other hoppers - a few Barbs, a couple of Sandys, Snoodles, Deonn, Deanna and Teresa.  Looks like a fun bunch!
Snoodles ~ Lily Pad Quilting
Teresa ~ A Quilt and a Prayer
Sandy ~ Upstairs Hobby Room
Deonn ~ Quiltscapes <<Thanks for stopping in!
Barb ~ Bejeweled Quilts
Sandie ~ Crazy ‘Bout Quilts
Deanna ~ Wedding Dress Blue
Barb ~ Mountain Quiltworks
Barb ~ Garden Path Quilts

Monday, October 6, 2014

On the Edge...

Blanket Stitch / Buttonhole Stitch.  Are they the same thing?  Find out over at Cutting Corners today!

My cute friend Frannie gave me an old Necci booklet called "Modern Home Sewing" published in 1952 which I've used as a resource (and an occasional giggle) to prepare this year's series of vintage stitchery and sewing tutorials at Riley Blake Designs' blog. 
I also had a look at my Mother's little Coats & Clark's "100 Embroidery Stitches" booklet.  That one is from 1964. They're little treasures!  And don't you love it when everything old is new again?  I do.  I love it. Click on the button to come check out today's tute. ↓↓
Cutting Corners with Riley Blake Designs

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Plush Fur Binding

That nip in the air makes me want to grab a cozy, furry quilt!  

Have you sewn with Minky or Cuddle fabric?  It's a poly plush fur fabric that comes in varying lengths and designs of furry goodness that's hard to resist.  I've sewn with it a bit, and quilted it a lot.  The key is pin, pin, pin, and if you aren't sure it won't stretch or slide, pin some more!

My favorite product is Shannon Fabrics' Cuddlesoft.  It has a little stretch, but usually only cross-grain.  I pin it to my longarm frame with the selvages along the sides then I pin the cut edges at the top and bottom leaders with extra pins to control the stretch.  I love quilting on this stuff for a quilt backing - it really emphasizes the quilting and kids of all ages can hardly keep their hands off it's soft goodness!

Here are some tips for machine-stitching plush fur binding to a fuzzy creation.

Use a single layer for binding strips:  1-1/4" strips for a generous 1/4" finish.  Cut strips from the lengthwise grain - same direction as the selvage edge.  Join strips by overlapping short ends 1/4" using a zig-zag or mending (serpentine) stitch.  Mine is #18

If the fur is especially long, I'll sometimes zig-zag the quilt edges after trimming to control the bulk.

1)  Leave about an 8" tail and begin to stitch binding to the back of the quilt.  I use my quilter's 1/4" seam foot with the edge guide.  You may want to use a walking foot to be sure it doesn't stretch as you go.

2)  Stitch to 1/4" from the edge, then backstitch a couple of stitches and remove from the machine; clip threads.

3)  Fold binding back 45o to form the mitered corner...

4)  Fold binding strip back down with the fold even with quilt edge; align raw edges together.  Pin to secure.

5)  Turn the quilt and begin stitching at the folded edge, repeating the miters at each corner.  Stop about 8" from the beginning stitches.

6)  Overlap ending strips and join again with zig-zag or mending stitch for the final binding seam, then continue stitching to quilt, overlapping the beginning stitches.

6)  Form miters on the corners of the quilt front; pin to secure.

7)  Stitch edge of binding to the front of the quilt, pivoting at the corners.  I really like the look of that serpentine stitch. Looks great on the back, too!

p.s.  Keep a lint-roller, dustbuster, vaccuum, or garbage can  handy - the fur really flies!  After each cut, clean off your mat with a dry washcloth.  Shake out the quilt over a garbage can, or just take it outside and shake it off!

Happy Cuddling,

Linking with Project Parade - lots of great Autumn ideas!

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