Friday, July 3, 2009

Opportunity Quilt

Small Town Quilt Show 2009 Committee:
Yvonne Stewart, Deonn Stott, Tricia Mathis
I guess it is illegal in Utah to do a raffle - they consider it gambling... so we call it an "opportunity" quilt, and sell you a piece of candy when you buy a "chance" to win. Isn't that the cutest little quilt ever? It's a Small Town Quilt Show quilt. And the show is great: 124 fantastic quilts from around the valley and a few beyond. Come and see the beautiful work of our "small town" talented quiltmakers!


  1. And the winner is...
    We find out tonight at Sound of Music intermission...

  2. so excited to hear who it is!

  3. Stephanie from Texas... she was SOOO excited - that makes it fun!


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