Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quilter's Attention Deficit Disorder

My UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) are out of control. Quite honestly, I have no business starting any new projects....EVER. I could work out of my UFO stash for years. Last January, some of our guild members formed a "Finishing Bee." Those who joined would be required to make a list of their top ten unfinished projects. Each month, the Finishing Bee chairperson draws a number between 1 and 10, and everyone will work on that number project on their list, and bring it to guild meeting for "Sew & Tell." I intended to join the group, and took the opportunity to write down all of my quilting projects in whatever stage of progress. There were 62. That I could count. This did NOT include other sewing projects such as pincushions, skirts, aprons, bags, etc., or any of my daughters' UFOs. Then I color-coded my list: BLUE = Quilt Top Finished (waiting for the quilter...ME!) GREEN = Some Piecing/Applique' completed. PURPLE = Fabrics/pattern assembled into a kit, and BROWN = I have a dream, a pattern, or a plan...

Then, I did not "officially" join the Finishing Bee, because I knew that as soon as I picked my top ten, it would probably change - on a weekly basis.... If I start a new project, I can almost guarantee I won't finish it before something else catches my eye! I think I may have Quilter's ADD. I can't help it! I want to make everything!

Ten months later, my list has grown to 77 projects. So far, I have actually finished EIGHT of my UFOs (do a little dance!), and completed a few more quilt tops to add to the pile for a total of 19 (BLUE). I realized that the 18 kits I have assembled (PURPLE) don't really count as UFOs, because I haven't actually started those yet. And, I am just THINKING about nine more projects (BROWN), which really don't count either, so that just leaves 23 Un-Finished Opportunities. Now that seems manageable, doesn't it?

Do I really suffer from a disease? Is there a cure? Do I want to be healed? The very best cure, of course, is quilting with friends!! Now where did I put that cut list for the Mystery Quilt?!? OH ---- make that #78.....

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