Friday, January 8, 2010

...and he emptied out my sewing room...

Now, don't panic, just breathe....
My husband has been out of work for a couple of weeks now, and guess what? (he was so excited he could hardly wait to tell me what he had been up to while I was out on errands the other day) He figured out a way to solve all of my problems in my sewing studio. Bless his little heart!  Not that the room hadn't been functioning pretty well for the past year that we have lived here, he just wanted to make things easier for me (yeah, right). I am sure he had been dreaming about it for a couple of days, and it only took a couple of hours to draft out the room and make little pieces of furniture to scale, so we could scoot them around on paper in order to see what it would take to move Bertha (my longarm quilting machine).  Then I won't have to crawl under it anymore (hey, that's my "opportunity" to pick up threads...)!

So he enlisted the girls, and piece by piece, they emptied out my sewing room - which was necessary in order to move Big Bertha. But it felt like a colonoscopy, not that I have been blessed to know exactly what that feels like, but I can imagine. It was freaky and I suddenly needed to go to the store for toothpaste...

And now, although the machine takes up half the room, I can remain upright to get to it.  And the computer, bookcase, cutting station and two sewing machines in their tables are all comfortably lined up against the opposite wall, and... well, it's not too bad! It's pretty great, in fact. And despite the fact that only half of the quilting paraphenalia made it back into the studio so far, this is actually going to be a nice setup. I awoke this morning to the sound of my daughter Chelsea sewing away on her Turning 20 quilt ... sewing in a beautiful, clean, sunny, dust-free, clutter-free sewing space.

Now, I just want to know how I am going to get the other half of my stuff back in here...

You are all invited to visit my newly arranged sewing studio.  Come by for a chat or sit and stitch with me.  I have chocolate.


  1. I will come by... Can't wait to see!

  2. I had a flood in mine a couple years ago and had to move everything out. So I decided to paint. I put up shelves on the wall (behind me on either side as I quilt). The I put a shelf a foot from the ceiling along the other wall to put magazines. Attched to the that shelf hang brackets that hold more shelves and a wide shelf/desk that serves as an additional space to put my domestic or serger.

    I used the Elfa System from the Container store. That way, it's moveable.


So happy you stopped by for a visit! Thank you!