Thursday, June 10, 2010

Annual Quilt Trek to Panguitch

Yeah!! it's already time for the annual Panguitch Quilt Walk!!

This is a fun festival hosted by folks in the little town of Panguitch, Utah (population around 1,000) celebrating the history of the quilts that saved the settlers in 1864.  During the first winter, supplies ran out. Seven men were sent to the next city for grain. They drove teams as far as the base of the mountain, then proceeded on foot. The snow was deep, and the men sank and could not walk. One man accidentally dropped his quilt on the ground and found that it supported him. All seven men formed a line, laying their quilts on the snow and then walking across the quilts. This procedure was repeated all the way across the mountain, and the trek became known as the quilt walk. They were able to get the supplies needed and returned the same way.

Now, in celebration of the "Quilt Walk", quilters from around the region descend on the town for some serious quilting time together.  The whole town participates in one way or another with the quilt show, classes, trunk shows, vendors, Lion's Club breakfast, Quilt Walk races, heritage arts fair and pioneer village, and a great Dinner Theatre production reenacting the events of that winter of 1864.

My friend Debbie found her husband in this little town, and we love to go down and attend and teach some of the classes. 
This year I'll be teaching the Carpenter's Star quilt, as well as the Tsunami (Giant "Storm at Sea" quilt).  I had to steal these quilts off beds... maybe they won't notice...

Debbie will be teaching her "Slash-A-Stash" quilt.  It's gonna be great fun!!

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