Monday, July 5, 2010

Twin Falls Quilt Walk

Look, Thelma dumped Louise, and she's cruisin' down the highway in her cute pink caddilac to get to a quilt show in Twin Falls, Idaho!

Ate a great burger at Crowley's Soda Fountain, then it was on to the important stuff!

Had a blast walking through old town Twin Falls for their annual Quilt Walk to see beautiful quilts hanging in store fronts and out on the street.  Marvelous!

  "Hen-Pecked" was Evan's favorite quilt in the show, (yes, I dragged the poor man around with me!)  and I liked this New York Beauty.

Oh, fer cute!  This could be yours for a mere $1200

An antique "Crazy Patch" alongside a newfangled "Crazy Patch" 

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