Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Warning: Curves Ahead!

The "Midnight Quilters" have been at it again!  My friends Debbie and Tricia and I haven't been getting much sleep for the past couple weeks working on this year's version of the HMQS Design Challenge. (Debbie: "Now, how did I get roped in to this again??)  This will be the fifth year participating in the challenge, once again sponsored by my favorite folks at Riley Blake.  They supply the fabric, and participating groups come up with their own design.  Such fun fabrics--"Isabella" designed by Lila Tueller. What would you do with these pretties? 

Can't wait to see everyone's quilts, on display during the Home Machine Quilting Show, coming up May 5th through 7th at the Sandy Expo Center in SLC.  The quilts will be auctioned at noon that Saturday, and all the proceeds will benefit the HMQS 2011 charity, Lifting Liberia.

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