Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can you ever have too many pincushions??

Recently, two of the guilds I attend had pincushion exchanges.  Everyone should have a basketful of cuteness in their sewing room!  There are such adorable pincushion patterns out there!  Love the little Owl I made yesterday from an online "Tutowlrial" ←(click for link)from Moonstitches.  
SLC Modern Quilt Guild Pincushion Exchange - critters and bright graphic shapes.

Heber Valley Quilters Pin Cushion Exchange - delicious!

My Collection - how many chickens?
And now my personal stash of pincushions has grown since I took the photo...they keep multiplying somehow!

the little Owl (with a repaired beak)
hangs out under Lila Tueller's Shroom←(click for free pattern);
Tooth Fairy Monster Pillow ←(click for link to tutorial) doubles as a pincushion.
I especially ♥ chickens (tutorial HERE), they're my peeps.
Another cutie - this one's for Fran.  Happy B-Day!
Quilters around the world are talking about their pincushions: QUILTER'S BOARD


  1. I love your pin cushions. I also have a nice collection of different ones and now want to add the owl to it.

    Barb Murdock

  2. You can never have too many pincushions. :p The owl pincushion is just so adorable, it is definitely high on my "to make" list!

  3. I had my 4-H girls make the chicken pincushions when I was their leader in California. They all turned out really cute, but I really do love that little owl.

  4. Love the owl pincushion. I know your post was from over 7 years ago but can you tell me how the pincushion exchanges at your guild were run.

    1. Kathy, you are a no-reply blogger and did not provide an email, so I'll answer here.
      Each member of the guild made a pincushion and put it in a brown paper sack for the exchange. The bags were numbered, and each participant drew a number. Then we played a game similar to White Elephant games at Christmas where #1 chooses a bag and opens it to show everyone her prize. Then #2 and everyone after may choose a bag from the unopened pile or steal someone else's. Steals may only happen twice on the same item, then it is out of play. Once everyone has a pincushion, the game is over, and you take home what you received. I have played it where at the end of the exchange, there is one last instruction to pass your gift to the person on the left (or right, etc) and that's the end of the game! It's a little bit cruel, but adds a bit of surprise to the outcome! Negotiations and bribery have also been known to occur. Everyone who made a pincushion takes one home. I've also participated in retreat/Christmas exchanges with quilted pot holders, ornaments, sewing notions, etc. It's lots of fun!


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