Monday, July 11, 2011

Where's Rolly?

With Steve Nabity, CEO (Chief Energizing Officer) of AccuQuilt
 and "Rolly" - the Rolling Pin that started it all!
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Had a visit from my friend Rolly today, as he continues his tour rolling around the country, trying to visit the friends he made at AccuQuilt's Go! Retreat last month.
Here are some of the snapshots he took on his visit to the Heber Valley.

Having so much fun! Wish you were here!
The Heber Valley Railroad - "Heber Creeper"
Heber City, Utah

All Aboard!

Let's go!

Oh, this is a beautiful little mountain valley!
Think I'll hop off here...

Hey, new friends!

Nah, Whoa, buddy!

That barn needs a Barn Quilt!
Oh, and right behind it -- Soldier Hollow, where they held
the Cross-Country/Triathlon events of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games!

Beautiful Mt. Timpanogos.
Hey, what are these Seussical Stickers?

Making Friends

Oh, now that looks like fun!

Gone Fishin'!

What a wonderful day!

Naptime with my Accuquilt Friends

That barn needs a quilt!

Got to get rolling along! Goodbye, pretty Valley!
~ Rolly

Oh, we had so much fun... oh wait, I mean, uh,
AccuQuilt had better pay the ransom
or they'll never see their precious rolling pin again... 

Here are my demands:
     *Host the 2nd annual AccuQuilt "Let's Go!" Retreat again next year
     *Make a new TRAIN die for the Go! and Go! Baby Fabric cutters
Thanks!  Uh, I mean... this is serious! ☺☺☺


So happy you stopped by for a visit! Thank you!