Thursday, January 26, 2012

More than just a quilt.

LOVE this quilt:

Tsunami (A Giant "Storm at Sea") Picnic Quilt 80" x 80"

Mostly though, I love the boy it was made for.

Made with upcycled black denim jeans, corduroys and khaki pants

And when the boy went off to war with his combat engineer unit, sweeping for mines, making roads safe, and performing other route clearance missions in Afghanistan...

...The quilt, too warm and heavy for desert climates, stayed at home as a comfort to this Momma during that long year of his deployment.  Folded over the couch, the quilt was a reminder and a hope for his safe return home when we could wrap our arms around him once again. 

Then the boy returned, a man.  (Oh, my boy!)

Sometimes, a quilt is more than just a quilt.

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  1. I love the quilt!!! Your son is so handsome. I can understand why you are so proud of him.

  2. I'm so glad your son is home safe and sound. Please express my gratitude to him for doing a job that is so important in such a lousy situation. I too have a son in the Army. He's stationed in Germany right now but will be home on leave on Friday (YEAH!!!) for 2 weeks. His unit is slated to go to Afghanistan next year and I try not to worry, but you know how that goes. Your quilt is fantastic and I just love the way you played with the Storm at Sea pattern. I'm very inspired. Congrats on being featured on Sew We Quilt!!!

  3. What a sweet post. Thank you so much for sharing your boy to help serve and protect our county. And please tell him how much his sacrifice is appreciated!! :)

  4. A lovely story, quilt and son to heart goes out to you all...and ps...your perfect...I learned something, always do from the notches..quite cool ....and you look fab in aqua and mix well with Cindy's lovely pink..
    girls note this lol

  5. Dear Deonn,
    your Storm at See is so beautiful, and the story behind is so heartwarming. I´m really glad that your handsome son is back and healthy!
    Liebe Grüße
    A great pleasure to be in the banner with you, I´ll visit you again soon ☺

  6. Love the quilt. Love the story.

  7. This quilt is stunning! I'm so glad your son came home safely - a lovely story.

  8. Found your blog through Craftsy. Thank you to your son for serving. Love how you did the Storm at Sea as the flag. I think I will need to give that a try.


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