Friday, April 13, 2012

A Time and A Season...

What a busy, busy time of year!

Spring cleaning?  Housework?  Cooking?  Cleaning?  Laundry?  Gardening?
  • Eh. I'm allergic.
  • There's a time and a season for everything. (A time to sing, a time to sew...)

Days filled with quilty stuff:

  • Entered this year's AccuQuilt Barn Quilt design contest. Astounding! These submissions made it in to the top 100 choices! You can go and vote for your Top 5 Faves HERE:
    2012 AccuQuilt Barn Quilt Design Contest
  • Gearing up for the Home Machine Quilting Show in just 3 weeks!  Quilted Garment Division Chair; Teaching 3 classes.  The Carpenter's Star class is full, but I'll cover several of the same fabulous tips, tricks, tools, and speed-piecing shortcuts in the other classes.
    See the class flyer HERE.

  • Participating in the HMQS Riley Blake Design Challenge... yes, again.  Thought I would relax this year, but no.  We just had to take the plunge for the 6th time!  Can't wait for you all to see what a fun surprise the "Midnight Quilters" (aka me, my friend Debbie, and her daughter Amy) have in store for you!!  It's a pretty simple quilt, but I fully expect to see crowds of quilters gathered around it at the show... we'll see! 
  • Slowly but surely, well... maybe a little slower than normal these past few weeks... quilting for clients.  I'm continually amazed at people's creativity!
  • Uploaded more of my patterns on - What a great little website full of wonderful surprises for every kind of handmade craft!
  •  "Helped" at the local quilt shop once this month.  It's not work... it's play.
  • Worked on samples for more quilt conventions and retreats around the state in June and July (Panguitch Quilt Walk, Quilters on the Edge, 4-H Leadermete)
  • Finished up a NEW YouTube Tutorial with Cindy at Riley Blake Designs!  (Will I ever NOT be nervous on camera??)  But it has made a difference for at least one person: "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This is the first time my mitered corners have been perfect!  I will use your site for all my tutorials from now on!!!"   ~ Sharon S.  

And weekends and evenings filled with music stuff:
  • Practicing the National Anthem to sing at the Home Machine Quilting Show on opening day, complete with a color guard, and Quilts of Valor ceremony - several of my passions combined!  
  • Choir rehearsals, training, tests and performances 15 of the past 21 days.  All I can say is "Hallellujah!"
I think I need to slow down, or at least pause.  Wake up and smell the... hyacinths.  Which fade too quickly.  And be grateful for blessings both big and small. 

And remember "...from Whom all blessings flow."


  1. HIDeonn

    All your quilts and designs on here are awesome. I love your barn quilt designs and yes I have been over to vote.

    Have you designed these as a pattern? I love the way the crosses overlap. Is there any chance I could buy the instructions for the block?


  2. Deonn, You have been a busy lady! Love the barn quilt designs and a great tutorial!

  3. Nice tutorial. I can say I knew you when you did peacock calls! Btw, I came across some pictures of you the other day. I'll have to scan them and send them to you, via facebook?

  4. I joined Marcia's Linking blog and have come across your site. I have enjoyed reading several of your posts today and look forward to receiving future posts. I just became your 430th Follower. And the youtube is great (you didn't look nervous). My son did his internship in Utah while visiting him we got to ski in your Beautifil state. Helen

  5. What a great show!! I learned something new today. Thank you, you brave soul!!


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