Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blessed, Honored Pioneers & The Joy of Song!

It's Pioneer Day here in the State of Utah.  Families gather for parades and picnics all across the State to celebrate the fortitude and sacrifice of ancestors who settled this land in the 1800s.  Of pioneer ancestry myself, I love to read stories about my Swedish great-great grandfather, Ola Nilsson Liljenquist who immigrated to the states in 1857. 

A man of many titles: Tailor, Farmer, Burgher, Bishop, Missionary, Mayor, and Patriarch to name a few.  According to my grandmother, his success in all these undertakings was due to his great faith in God, to his wonderful disposition, sense of humor, love of his fellowman, and persistent labors.  

A line in his obituary always strikes me:
"Better the world because such men as he have lived in it."

That phrase always inspires me, and makes me grateful for people who build and bless my life.  And yes, my world is better because of them.  Do you know people like that?

I think of my foremothers and can't help but wonder about characteristics that I may share with them; a common love of creating things with our hands.  And maybe quilting is one of those things that connect generations, ties that bind... maybe singing too?

This past weekend, I was privileged to sing in a concert that began with a couple of beloved pioneer hymns and proceeded into a wonderful celebration:  "The Joy of Song" featuring Katherine Jenkins (a little dancing too!  see 1:03:25).  Truly a highlight of my life, I thought you might enjoy it too!  Here's a link to the video.


  1. How wonderful, Deonn, and how lovely....I sat and enjoyed the whole thing! (Luckily it's pretty late at night, so nobody is going hungry because of my attention here. LOL) Hey! What row are you in? (^_^) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Ms. Snoodles - so glad you enjoyed this program. I'm on row 6, 5th from the aisle between the ladies, in front of the pipes.


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