Monday, July 9, 2012

Sewing in my sleep...

I ♥ Appliqué Tutorial Series - Sample Blocks 
Or rather... sewing when I should be sleeping!

Can't help it!  A weekend full of deadlines and not enough hours in the day (night).  Have you ever stayed up quilting or sewing until the wee hours, or even all night?  Retreats are notorious for that very thing - nothing to do but sew!  (And eat, and laugh!  What goes on at retreat stays at retreat...?)

Anyway, I'm doing the head-bob at the keyboard.  So I'll just share a bit of what the thread-fairies were up to last night and link you to my Needle-Turn appliqué tutorial today over at Riley Blake Designs. ↓

Cutting Corners with Riley Blake Designs


  1. Well, I 'm an insomniac so very use to sewing all night. Get some sleep - there will be less seam ripping in the end.

  2. The best work happens at 2:00 am!
    Super cute projects Deonn!

  3. I am an insomniac so I quilt all night sometimes anyway. Either that or watch CSI on TV all night, and I have seem most of those!


  4. Your applique is amazing and so detailed. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful techniques. Blissful Stitching...

  5. Love your applique. Thanks for sharing.


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