Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Friends and Quilt Trends!!

They say "Quilting with friends will keep you in stitches."  I have to say I agree.   
My good friend Debbie and I have been sewing and teaching together for about 14 years.  Both her daughters and mine have grown up in our sewing rooms.  We've traveled more together for quilting and sewing training and teaching than we have with our own families, practically.  So here's our latest adventure, which is taking us to the International Quilt Market in Houston at the end of the month!!    
Quilt Trends Magazine, Fall 2012
   Pages 35 to 42... a Techno-Tag Quilt

Debbie's Techno-Savvy daughter, Amy...yes, the young one,
showed us the next generation of QR codes - a Microsoft Tag. 
And we thought it looked like a quilt.
So... we made it. 
I prepared templates, wrote up the instructions,
Debbie pieced it together, I quilted it, she bound it.
And here's our pattern to make your own 2D Barcode Quilt
that can be scanned with a smartphone.
It's kinda cool.  And it's cute, for a QR code.  And trendy, apparently!

You may remember this fun quilt from a few months back: 
Riley Blake Designs Tuxedo Collection by Doodlebug Design, inc.
"Tag, You're It!" by Amy, Debbie & Deonn
The 5 codes may be scanned with a smartphone
and take you to Riley Blake Designs'
Website, Facebook page, Blog, YouTube videos and Tutorials
photo by Amy Nguyen Newbold
Here it is in the Riley Blake Booth at Quilt Market in Kansas City last May.
This is the color version... much simpler.
Techno-Tag Smart Quilt
Want to make your own?  Visit to generate your own tag code.  Then pick up a Quilt Trends magazine or purchase the .pdf pattern HERE and make a quilt to hang in your studio, at a show, or on a wall.  Download the free app at, scan your quilt and it will take you to the designated site for that code.  The color version also scans to Riley Blake Designs' main website.

Straight-line quilting

Basic Solids by Riley Blake Designs

I'm making one to hang in my quilt studio.  The scan will take you to my Craftsy Pattern Store, but I can change the URL if I'd like to, maybe a link to a tutorial or video or blog.  And someday, I need to get a smart phone of my own.  Right now, I have to call the neighbor or wait for my husband to come home to test it. :)

Layout for Scan Test
Next quilt?  How about a custom tag with flowers, little birdhouses, birds and butterflies.  Yup, we're in stitches!  And we can't wait to get to Quilt Market.  I'll be hanging out at Booth #2200, Riley Blake Designs, with a fun Make & Take demo.  Maybe we'll see you there? 
Happy Quilting!


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