Monday, November 12, 2012

A Simple Scissor Pocket

Got a spare minute?
Let's make this simple Scissor Pocket/Lanyard today!     

Here's another quick project using a few scraps and a couple of Riley Blake Designs' great notions.  This little project is sooooo easy ~ and makes a great addition to your sewing room or a gift for sewing friends! 

~ Supplies ~
  • Two 5" Squares matching or coordinating fabric.
  • That's really all you need, but for this DELUXE version we'll also use:
  • Optional:  7/8 to 1 yard ribbon for Lanyard
  • Optional:  3 to 4" Trim (Pom-Poms, Ric-Rac, Lace. etc.)
  • Closure:  One 1/4" tiny Super-Magnet (←see source), Velcro, or Button


 ~ Instructions ~
 If using trim, center along one corner of one of your squares
and PIN in place.  CLIP corner if necessary.
STITCH, using 1/4" seam allowance. 
I used my Zipper foot to get close to the edge of the trim.
Place second square right sides together, sandwiching the trim.
PIN the two sides with the trim between.  
If you are not using trim, simply PIN the two sides.

 STITCH those two sides.  I changed to the regular 1/4" foot
to keep a consistent seam allowance.

 CLIP the corner.

 TURN right side out.  PRESS seams.

 If using a magnet, slip it into the corner.

 Place a PIN to secure magnet in the corner.

 EDGE-STITCH both sides of the sewn edges.  
I used my Hem-Stitching foot with the guide in the center, 
and offset my needle.  PIVOT at the corners.
If you are not using a magnet or trim, try one of your machine's
fancy stitches to embellish these two edges if desired.

Next, FOLD the unit in half, with the piece you'd like for the
outside cover pinned with right sides together.  
TRIM an angle from the bottom tip to about 3/4-inch off the top edge
to better fit the scissors.  STITCH raw edges together.
Use Pinking Shears to TRIM seam allowances and finish raw edge,
then CENTER seam with point of lid and PRESS seam open.

 STITCH across the bottom of the point, about 1/4" to 1/2" from the tip
to form a boxed end.  This makes it easier to turn and provides
a bit of a cushion for points of scissors to rest upon.
 TURN your little Scissor Holder right side out, using a chopstick
or other blunt-tip object.  PRESS the lid down, forming a crease.
At this point, if you don't want to make it into a Lanyard,
insert a cute pair of little scissors.  The magnet sticks to the scissors
to keep the lid shut, and your project is complete! 

 If  you want to add a Lanyard, measure the ribbon around your neck
and PIN the ends together at the angle it lays flat.

 TRIM ends even.

Center and PIN ribbon ends along back of scissor holder,
about 1/4" below pressed foldline.

 STITCH ends, using a Zig-Zag stitch to finish the seams.  Clip threads.

 Insert a cute pair of scissors.
Make one, or a make a ton!  
Hope you enjoyed this little "Snippet" from my Sewing Room!  For more fun, simple projects, gift ideas and tutorials for hand-made doo-dads, please visit my Snippets Page.
 Happy Sewing!

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