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Monday, December 24, 2012

Snippets ~ Scraps & a little giveaway

OK, here's how you know you're a quilter...(or come to realize that you may have a bit of an OCD tendency)... when you see a 1-1/2" x 10" scrap of fabric lying around and think to yourself, "How can I use this little snippet?"

So, yeah.

And because I used laminate fabric, I didn't even have to finish the edges.  I just grabbed a piece of clear strapping tape, overlapped the ends and taped them together.

I suppose you could stitch a couple of 2" x 10" scraps right sides together along 3 edges,

Clip corners and turn it right side out using the help of a chopstick or other blunt object,

Press it using a damp press cloth,

Add a bit of Velcro (hook and loop tape) to the finished end, then edge stitch,
Measure to see where to add the other side of the Velcro, stitch that too,

Trim or finish the raw edge,
Then velcro it to your water bottle or other beverage container.
I bet my water bottle won't get mixed up with everyone else's. *Ü*  Plus, it matches the rest of my little snippets in my sewing kit ensemble!
You can find the tutorials for most of these "Snippets" HERE,  especially if you need a quick project or gift idea for your quilting and sewing friends.  Still a couple more snippet tutorials to come -- I can't help it!   I'm gathering supplies and assembling kits for a little sewing retreat at my house next week...  such cuteness!
Have you tried sewing with Riley Blake laminate fabric?  Would you like to??  I just happen to have an extra snippet of pink "So Cherry" laminate, enough to make a sewing kit, plus a little extra scrap to wrap around your water bottle too...
Give me your best guess what these snippets may have to do with this exciting little tidbit of information >>HERE<<.  My dear husband will choose his favorite answer on Dec 30th (our anniversary).   Meanwhile, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from the Stott clan!

UPDATE:  We have a winner!!!
Jennyroo, it's you! 
Uh, yup, that's the comment my husband chose..
the laminate bikini did it for him...  giggles. (sending a note)
I offered to make him a laminate speedo - he turned me down.
A close second was Mary Beth's comment: 
"What happens at quilt guild stays at quilt guild..." LOL
I am looking forward to teaching my "Snippets Sewing Kit Ensemble" class
at Riley Blake Designs' Fabric Fest next September!  Uh, no bikinis allowed.


  1. Seems to me that there is a road trip in your future... I see fabric, quilts, and happy, laughing people. Oh wait... I also see the sharing of 'snippets' and plenty of 'ohs' and 'ahs'!!

  2. Wow! Lucky you! it looks like you're off to Las Vegas!!

  3. You're a guest lecturer/speaker at the 1st annual Riley Blake Designs Fabric Fest in Las Vegas next September and you'll demonstrate these make and takes. Merry Christmas! Happy Anniversary!

  4. You are going :) I bet you have a little guest lecture all set up with Snippets in your future. How cool! I wish I were going as well. How fun would that be!!

  5. You're obviously an uber-crafter who is sewing yourself a new bikini out of Riley Blake laminate. Hee hee! Although that pink cherry fabric would be awfully cute, mind the gapes while you're going down the waterslides at the Las Vegas Hotel. :)

  6. I have enjoyed watching you use your little snippets of fabric. I am sure you are very excited about your road trip. I see you are going to be an instructor during Fabric Fest. Looks like it will be so much fun.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - we have the same saying for quilt guild :)!!

  8. Ohh every girl that travels needs some accessories! how about a makeup travel bag, first aide kit, and bathroom necessity bag. and with the extra snippets you need a special wrap for your travel water bottle. And maybe a postcard home.

  9. Hmm, will you be making laminated mini skirts or hot pants for the hookers there? lol Okay, maybe I went too far . . . but it is Vegas, after all!

  10. I spy your name under Additional Guest Instructors and Lecturers* at the 1st Annual Riley Blake Designs Fabric Fest in Las Vegas during September 9th - 12th, 2013. CONGRATULATIONS!

  11. Oviously you will be going to the 1st Riley Blake Designs fabric Fest in Las vegas. You are gonna be putting together kits to take with you to be used perhaps in a class you are teaching or booth where you will be selling a few things. Maybe You might even make a few items to give away or use as samples while their.

  12. How exciting to be joining all the quilters we only read about. Of all the trips and shows I read about, this would be the epitome of shows to attend. With your kits ready to demonstrate snippets, you'll be in quilters' heaven. Enjoy.

  13. i think you just might be going to fabric fest to share your snippets ideas! how fun would that be! oh btw, my birthday is the 29th of dec. just saying........ lol......

  14. I love your sewing tips and tutorials, I am learning so much after sewing for years. I think your laminates and fixins are in a travel bag going to Vegas Baby. Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, just make sure someone makes a tutorial!

  15. I love all the things you made with laminates. They are all beautiful. Great idea about the water bottle wrap. I'm definitely going to make some of those.

    I hope it is ok, as I added your giveaway to the page where I share insights on giveaways & contests. http://www.sewcalgal.blogspot.com/p/giveaways-and-contests.html

    Happy Anniversary too!


  16. hmmmm, perhaps when you go to the retreat, you might be wearing laminate 'depends'??? You know how much time you can spend waiting in line for the loo!!! That's my best guess....

  17. You're going to give a class? In laminate snippets? Lucky you!

  18. My best guess is that you are going to be walking the runway there sporting an outfit you've created using laminate fabrics and that possibly those fabrics will be showing off the news that they are YOUR OWN fabric design maybe.

    It appears you will be teaching a class while there too from the list shown on the link you provided. Perhaps you will be teaching a class to use laminates and those that take the class will be making their own snipets projects you've been posting tutorials for us too maybe.

    I hope you had a woderful holiday Deonn.

  19. Exiting trip coming and perhaps class with laminated fabrics! Thank you for a lovely give away and I love pink!

  20. Oh, are you working on gifts for the attendees? I want to come to this conference so bad, I'm working on my hubby to let me go :)

  21. wow! It looks like you are off to Las Vegas!! Great giveaway!

  22. I just can't believe you are already getting ready to teach a class about laminates in September, you definitely have OCD happiness inside of you, Congratulations on being one of the instructors.

  23. Um, you are going to Alaska on a polar bear watching trip? LOL, ok, just kidding, let's see...will you be doing a class on snipets and laminate? Wish I was going!! Have fun in Vegas (or Alaska, LOL)!

  24. Perhaps you are going to attend and give a demo of the laminates in Vegas.

  25. I think that you are going to Vegas and it looks like there are a lot of snippets of knowledge from speakers, teachers and fun to be had. Enjoy, let us know how it goes!!!!

  26. Looks like a fun time in Las Vegas with other quilters and sewers! What fun. Thank you for putting my name in the hat for your super drawing.

    Happy Anniversary too!


  27. Oh my word, these are fabulous! I NEED a few... thanks for the great tute!!


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