Thursday, February 14, 2013

Snippets ~ Threadcatchers and Trash-Stashers

a little RED in my sewing room.
Thread-catcher/Trash-stasher Pincushion

I have a collection of Threadcatchers that sit next to my sewing machine to store pins and throw away thread clippings and whatnot.  Made with pre-quilted fabric, they're great to use at home or to take to quilt classes and retreats.

Recently, after watching a video of Lila Tueller's laminate Trash-Stasher (← see video tutorial),
 I had to make one for myself!

I used two 9" x 15-1/2" pieces of cotton laminate fabric to match my sewing kit ensemble,
and attached a ribbon loop (1/4 yard of 1/4" ribbon) at the back for hanging.

This is just one of the Make & Take projects I'll be teaching at Fabric Fest!   (Have I ever mentioned that I love using RBD laminate fabric?)  The trash/thread clippings slide right out.  I'm hooked!  I'm going to make one to hang on a corner of my longarm machine too; maybe I can avoid this:
Yup, these are the true "Snippets" from the sewing room... or is it "Snip-its"?

But I do love having a pincushion attached while at the sewing machine ~ so here's my version of a Threadcatcher/Trash-Stasher Pincushion:
Pincushion Supplies:
   6" x 11" adorable fabric
   6" x 11" piece of  batting
   6" x 11" muslin or other backing
   4" x 5" piece of shelf liner
   1/4 yard 1/4" ribbon
   3/4" to 1" large button
   2/3 yard trim (rick-rack, pom-poms, soutache braid, etc.)

1)  Pre-QUILT fabric:  Layer backing, batting and top fabric
and run a few stitches through to quilt it.

2)  CUT one 4-1/2" x 5-1/2" rectangle,
and one 4" x 5" rectangle from the quilted fabric.
3) PIN the shelf liner to the right side of the 4" x 5" piece: 
4) ZIG-ZAG or serge edges for a clean finish: 

 5) TUCKS:  Make a 1/4" pleat on each side of the large rectangle,
bringing the outside edges to 4" x 5" and baste.
This will give the pincushion a domed shape. 

6) STITCH:  With wrong sides together, reduce your stitch length to 1.5; 

STITCH, leaving an opening for stuffing.   
7)  STUFF:  Fill with rice, silica sand or other heavy filler,
 then machine-stitch the opening closed. 
The weight and shelf liner will prevent the pincushion
from sliding off the table as you fill up the trash-stasher. 

8)  TRIM:  Add braid, rick-rack, pompoms, etc. 
to cover the outer edges of the pincushion.  
I braided two strands of rick-rack, pressed it together,
then used hot glue to add it to the edges.   
Stitch the button to one long side of the pincushion.  

9) ATTACH:  Loop the ribbon from the trash-stasher under
the pincushion and around the button. 

Hang your new Threadcatcher/Trash-stasher Pincushion
 beside your sewing machine to catch and stash thread clippings while you sew. 
Still more "Snippets from the Sewing Room" to come, probably every few weeks or so.   I've been inspired by patterns and fabrics I recently found in my Momma's sewing room (including the idea to braid rick-rack), and oh, I can't wait to share some of these vintage treasures!!   
Love these!!
 Meanwhile, you can see all the previous projects
and links to tutorials on my "SNIPPETS" page.
Happy Quilting!!


  1. I do use the grippy stuff on the back of my thread catchers, but, I've never quilted the pin cushion area. Good idea, since the one I made for a friend, a few years back, is almost worn thru (and she's even turned the pin cushion side over, too)(that was before I started adding the grippy stuff to the back). Cute!

  2. How adorable! I love how you made this...I need one. =)

  3. One of my quilting friends made me one and I love it. Now it is my turn to make some, that for the tute.

  4. What a great idea to use the laminate fabric for this, it would make emptying it so much easier. I definitely need to make one of these, thanks for sharing!

  5. Very cute. I really need to make one. Thanks for the tute.

  6. Really great and I think a long arm machine one is a great idea. I've been dying to find the time to make a Ghastlies thread catcher (I wonder where I got that idea from, LOL) but it hasn't happened yet. I guess at some point I just need to make the time.

  7. I've never made one of these I have one that someone gave to me years ago...But now I may be tempted to make me one. I have been thinking about it for some time now. So this tutorial is very timely. Thank you.

  8. This is such a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I just the fabrid I will use for this.

  9. Do you still have the pattern for Lila Tueller's laminate Trash-Stasher? The video is still on YouTube but the pattern has been removed. I have tried to download the pattern at several different websites but it is not there anymore.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi, Janet, unfortunately I don't have access to Lila's printed pattern. I use 2 @ 9 x 15-inch pieces of laminate to make my trash stashers.


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