Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vintage Treasures

Check out this little gem.  Found it in my Momma's sewing room.
I particularly like view 3.
Wish I'd finished it by Valentine's Day, but it did turn out cute.
(Boop oop a doop!)

Lessons Learned:
#1)  It's so CUTE!
#2)  "One Size" from the 1950's looks great on my daughter, not so much on me. 
Sorry, no pictures were taken, thought I'd spare the camera.  And you.
(Was everyone's waistline back then 24 inches?!?)
#3)  Patterns and instructions from the 1950's are clear and concise.
#4)  Patterns and instructions from the 1950's could use a little updating:
* Fabric comes wider than 36" now
* Easier ways to finish seams
* Easier ways to apply trim
(rick-rack vs. gathering your own lace)
#5)  It's SOOOOO CUTE!!!  (And so's my daughter!)

One-yard Apron featuring Cotton Dots and Sew Together rick-rack & ribbon from Riley Blake Designs
This pattern is just one little retro/vintage/antique treasure that came home with me from my Dad's estate.  Can't wait to share more of these snippets from Momma's sewing room in the coming weeks.


  1. Cute, cute pictures of your daughter! Great job on the apron (also very cute!)

  2. Totally Vintage Uber Cute...and only 1 yard of fabric. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  3. That is such a great find and a very cute apron (the model is adorable, too!) I wish I'd saved some of my mom's old patterns. ;O)

  4. Cute apron!! But how cute is your daughter!!!!!!
    Yes it is sad that I remember when fabric was 36 inches wide!

  5. So adorable , my favorite is the bottom one , would love to see that made up .

  6. That is so cute. You are right about the 50s patterns though.
    So maybe we need pattern designers to just 'upsize' them a little and keep the simple, concise instructions.

    I think you need to make a matching hat. lol

  7. Yep--I like all of them and yours in red is especially delightful--
    great job--
    hugs, di and miss gracie
    Ps I have collected several new patterns for aprons--now to make some!!!
    and I have a collection of vintage ones--

  8. Very cute, and aren't YOU full of energy?

  9. This is very cute! What a great find.

  10. On a scale of adorable your daughter and apron get top billing .. And yes vintage patterns were very smallllll but so were the people.....what I find incredible they ate 3 meals a day and even dessert, drank maybe a bit more than today, smoked, and still fit in very small sizes according to today's standards.

  11. Your daughter is a riot... looks like you both had a hoot with this treasure pattern!

  12. I have a ton of old vintage patterns that were my moms. And like you I have discovered all th patterns seem to run way small. I think people were poorer back than and had less access to all these fattening foods we all eat now...Yep are generation is a lot fatter than the older generations were.The dress I made for me was more like childrens

  13. That is such a cute apron. Wish my mother would have kept her old patterns, they sure would be fun to use now that we all love the retro styles.

  14. Sew cute! I remember having a waist that small. It was a LONG time ago!


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