Monday, April 29, 2013

Technological Advancements...

A "Smart Quilt"

On becoming "Tech-savvy"... I have a new SMART phone - Yeah!  I'm pretty sure it's smarter than I am, but my kids are thrilled they can now send me a text and I can respond without taking half an hour to spell "Hi."

And now, when I'm making more 2D barcode Techno-TAG scannable quilts, I don't have to wait until my husband gets back from out of town or call the neighbor to come scan my quilt to see if it works. I even downloaded the free Tag app on my phone all by myself!  And, when my friend Debbie, her daughter and I teach this class at HMQS next week, rather than having to flag down some unsuspecting passer-by with a smart phone to step into our class, I'll be able to demonstrate the technique myself!  Nice.

Want to try it? If you have a smart device (phone, Ipad, etc.),
1) Download the FREE APP from Microsoft here:
2) Hit the Scan button and scan the picture of the quilt. 
Did it work?  Or try scanning the little tag codes in this post.  Your phone will buzz, and the scan will send you to whatever URL I've assigned it to today (blog page, website, pinterest, craftsy store, facebook, free pattern, etc).  The black and white code below will take you to a secret picture...
Cool, right?  Even guys like it!  Want to get your own code to make a cool Tag quilt for yourself or the tech-savvy person in your life? 

Take our class at HMQS, or download a pattern for the color tag at my Craftsy Pattern Store HERE.  By the way, my new phone number is 435-503-7412.

Happy Scanning!


  1. It worked. I saw your quilt you did for the show last year. That was really cool. I wish I had known you where teaching and I would have signed up. I will be down there so I hope to see you there. Great job!

    1. Yeah, Shar! I love it when it works! We do have some openings in the class, so you're welcome to register at the show and join us! Let me know if you'd like a kit!

  2. You're far more tech savvy than me. Love your quilt!

  3. I'll give it a try once I find my phone. LOL


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