Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Testing recipes... Rosenmunnar  

Rosenmunnar ~ Swedish Thumbprint Cookies
Cream together:
     1 c. butter, softened to room temperature
     3/4 c. powdered confectioners' sugar
Add and blend until soft dough forms:
     2 c. flour
     1/2 t. almond extract (optional)
Roll dough into 1" balls, then press thumb or back of spoon into middle and fill with a little dallop of jam.  (Raspberry-Huckleberry jam is our winner)
Dust with powdered sugar while still hot, if desired.
Bake:  350o 15 minutes
Yield: 4 dozen cookies.

"Testing" recipes at our house for a possible upcoming party of some kind. :)  I may or may not have eaten 2 dozen of these melt-in-your-mouth tidbits by myself...
Look! It's a Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange at Carol's! Mmmmm...


  1. My momma is of Swedish descent and she makes these thumbprint cookies. She sometimes rolls them in chopped up almonds or walnuts before making the thumb print for the jam.. They are delicious- and are making my mouth water just looking at them.
    Thanks for the drool.. LOL

  2. Oh, yum! They look delicious...thanks for the recipe!

  3. now these remind me of cookies my Nan and I used to make…ok, on my list for sure…lovely...

  4. I think I need to make these...TODAY! They are melt in your mouth yum!


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