Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hey, the most random thing happened... I used to choose my giveaway winner, and it generated the most random number ever:
I love it!
So, Heleen, CONGRATULATIONS, you are #1!!
Living in the Netherlands, her day begins waaaayyy before my night is over, and as she was first to comment for my Hexie Hop; she's my winner!  I'll be shipping her a little package of fun-ness!

Now for some exciting randomness of what's up around our house:
     * Daughter is getting married soon.  In Hawaii.  :)  More on that later...
     * Got to judge kids' quilts and garments at the state fair yesterday.
     * If you stay up late sewing in the basement during a huge rainstorm, do NOT leave the door open.  Rain, not a problem.  Critters: problem.  Bonus:  Mother/Daughter creep-out creepy-crawler dance/squeal bonding time!!
     * Just learned that Eleanor Burns will be taking MY class at FABRIC FEST!!
     * Because of some last minute cancellations, there are still some openings for FABRIC FEST!

     * I'll be one of the 360 backup singers for this guy at this concert next weekend:


Meanwhile, you can find me in the quilting studio or downstairs in the sewing room... singing, sewing, quilting, dreaming about Fabric Fest and weddings.  Random stuff.


  1. Need a little more excitement in your life? I wonder what will randomly happen next. Remember to stop, breathe, and enjoy all those wonderful moments!

  2. So many exciting things! Bring on the Randomness! :)

  3. Congratulations Heleen!
    Who says #1 never wins?????

  4. Congratulations to Heleen. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway.

  5. Wow....lots of excitement going on there. Congratulations to Heleen.

  6. I am SOOOOOOO happy! You've gotta love total randomness! Thank you Deonn!
    I loved the song. Will there be recordings of your concert with him? I would love to hear that! Make sure to enjoy all your random events (even the critters)!

  7. Sqeeeeeeeee!!! Don't forget to breathe!! my gosh, that's a lot of excitement!! Good things DO happen to good people!!!

  8. woooooow a back up singer for fav HIM of all time...really I adore this man...have every and I mean every song he has ever written and have all his music too.. and lucky YOU to have her in your class...I know how much you adore her...
    I think Carol is going to try to get out there to meet you btw


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