Monday, November 4, 2013

A Summer of Quiltiness

Around here we've had a quilty Summer.

We've picnicked on quilts, we napped on quilts.

We switched out quilted table runners and hung up wall quilts for different seasons/occasions/holidays/moods.

We tied a quilt for auction at the family reunion.

We've wrapped up in quilts to sit around the bonfire, and snuggled under quilts to watch movies and fireworks and camp in tents.

Visited quilt shows and quilt shops...
...including a Textile Center...

We've made a few quilts, we've taught other people (including kids at 4-H Quilt Camp) to make quilts, and entered quilts for display at a local quilt show and in the county fair.

We folded up a bunch of quilts to sit on the bleachers at the demolition derby until it started to sprinkle - then we pulled the quilts around our shoulders.

We've dreamed about quilts, designed quilts, we've made quilts, we've quilted quilts, and we've given quilts away.

That was our Summer, and we lived with quilts.  And then, there was September...
And you should see our October...
And now, it's November.

Just when I think I can get caught up, my blog is having errors posting... I'll keep trying.


  1. Yes your summer is one I would have relished with know as in pickled with quilts…you are such a dear, you look darn cute too with your lovely skirt….I am here ….

  2. It sounds like a positively divine summer to me!!!!

  3. What a wonderful summer you had! I know you embrace every season with quilts!

  4. You look so cute sitting there! I remember a lot of fun times sitting around with friends while we tied a quilt.


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