Monday, January 6, 2014


Having some fun with a tutorial on "Smocking" -- I love trying out these old-timey arts.  I'm sure I tried it as a kid, but it was fun to rediscover this technique.  Then I took pictures of each step, and now I'm an expert, right?  Smocking is a great take-along project--all you need is a little gingham, a needle and a bit of floss.  I'm going to try making a headband, a pillow top... I wonder how it would look in a quilt block for a little texture... fun possibilities!

Do you have a new "old" technique you want to try this year?  I'm thinking about Brazilian embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, maybe some chicken scratches... oh, I can feel the Quilter's A.D.D. springing up again.  Better finish the project I'm working on first.  Ü

Click HERE to come Smock with me Ü

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  1. I have no need for smocking but I love the way it looks so you might inspire me to try it, too. I don't even know what those other things are, but I'm in!

  2. wellll you know how much I love gingham so smocking is right up my alley…and yours is divine..I also will be doing some chicken scratch…have that as a plan wellll you will see..

  3. The smocking looks great. I LOVE to do Brazilian embroidery and those threads are really fun to use.

  4. Would you high school we were required to take Home Ec. I hated the thought, my mother was a seamstress with her mother and they forced me to sew (read child labor here). In the class, we did this smocking with gingham material and I made a pillow with an inset zipper. Most of the other girls just did the smocking and didn't make anything of it, they just had the material. It was the only thing I liked about the whole class, making that smocked pillow. Thanks for the memory!


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