Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Small Town Quilt Show - Snippets

Pause for a Commercial Break during my "Snippets" week...

At next summer's Small Town Quilt Show held right here in the prettiest little valley ever... I'll be giving a Binding demo and "Alternate Endings" trunk show, and teaching a class of some of my original Snippets! The kits are ready, even though we're still 4-1/2 months away from the big event!  Hope to see you there!

1) Scissor Pocket  2) Needlenook  3) Rosebud Wristlet Pincushion,  |
4) Laminate Sewing Kit,  5) UFO to Go Portable Design Wall

The exciting part?  An amazing collection of local, regional and national teachers lined up, all in one place! I have to admit, some of my favorite people are teaching! I'm a little star-struck by some of these ladies ~ I don't know if two and a half days is going to be long enough!  Learn more about the teachers and their classes here:
@QuiltBliss with Jodi (Pleasant Home) and Sherri (A Quilted Life) last week. Blissful.
P.S. We now return you to your regularly scheduled quilting...

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  1. how lucky you are in the USA with so many shows and all the quilting classes that go on at them


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