Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Small Town Quilt Show - Snippets

Pause for a Commercial Break during my "Snippets" week...

At next summer's Small Town Quilt Show held right here in the prettiest little valley ever... I'll be giving a Binding demo and "Alternate Endings" trunk show, and teaching a class of some of my original Snippets! The kits are ready, even though we're still 4-1/2 months away from the big event!  Hope to see you there!

1) Scissor Pocket  2) Needlenook  3) Rosebud Wristlet Pincushion,  |
4) Laminate Sewing Kit,  5) UFO to Go Portable Design Wall

The exciting part?  An amazing collection of local, regional and national teachers lined up, all in one place! I have to admit, some of my favorite people are teaching! I'm a little star-struck by some of these ladies ~ I don't know if two and a half days is going to be long enough!  Learn more about the teachers and their classes here:
Jina Barney Cat Beckstead Natalia Bonner Melissa CorryShantelle Cox Laurel Dillman Amy Ellis Joanna FigueroaBecky Goldsmith Kerry Green Emily Herrick Lori HoltSandy Klop Tina Lewis Tricia Mathis Sherri McConnellLorri Overson Jenny Pedigo Helen Robinson April RosenthalKati Spencer Deonn Stott Kathleen Whiting Kari
@QuiltBliss with Jodi (Pleasant Home) and Sherri (A Quilted Life) last week. Blissful.
P.S. We now return you to your regularly scheduled quilting...

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  1. how lucky you are in the USA with so many shows and all the quilting classes that go on at them


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