Monday, August 4, 2014

Stitchin' Up Cuteness...

I've been working on an applique' quilt pattern recently, but I thought I'd use the same pattern as a teensy stitchery pattern for my latest Needlenook - isn't it just. sew. cute?!   If you've always wanted to try embroidery, you may want to check my Cutting Corners tutorial for Riley Blake Designs, a Stitchery Primer to get you going!

Download the free pattern HERE to stitch out this 2-inch mini Bloomin' Garden Blossoms square. (Want a little bigger pattern?  Click HERE).

Embroider the pattern above on a plain background, then trim to 2-1/2" square.  Add borders to it, trim to 4" and basically follow this pictoral tutorial.  The original Needlenook pattern can be found on the Snippets page HERE.  I used two pockets for this one, which makes it even easier!

Stitch the front and back cover together:

Place folded 4" x 6-1/2" pocket pieces over top of cover, raw edges aligned at the ends.

Layer inside cover right sides together over folded pockets.

Pin long sides.

Stitch long sides

Turn right side out, with pockets still covering front and back cover.

Press flat.

Pin ends.

Stitch bottom ends.  Clean finish edges with pinking shears, zig-zag or serging.

Flip pockets over to the back (lining) side.
Use a chop stick to poke out corners.  Press.

Center felted wool piece over pockets.

Stitch along center seam, backstitching at ends.  Clip threads.

Load up with needles, thread, floss, pins, scissors, etc.

Everything you need to sew on the go!

Bloomin' Garden Blossoms Needlenook


  1. I made a couple similar to this for some swaps in the spring. Great tutorial!

  2. Thank you sew very much for sharing this tutorial. Great gift and very mailable. Creative Cuteness Bliss...

  3. Great tutorial . Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. you do know how to create cuteness...lovely tut too

  5. Very pretty, Deonn. Thanks a lot.

  6. my to do list is soooooo long and now this has to be added, think it will have to jump up to the top, many thanks

  7. What a sweet little project! Thank you for the tutorial!

  8. Thanks Deonn this is sew cute!! The Tutorial is great! Now I need to find your T Shirt Quilt, my hubby has a Outrageous Collection and was going to get rid of some to make more space. I said Oh No I know what I can do with them, his Birthday in 10/31, think I can squeeze it in~
    Have a Great Day!
    Huggs, Nancy

    1. Here you go, Nancy!

  9. I love all things embroidered. :) blessings, marlene

  10. Great gift idea and sew easy to mail. Thank you for sharing your technique. Creative Stitching Bliss...


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