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Friday, October 31, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall-2014

 Yes, it's time for my favorite virtual quilt show at Amy's Creative Side!

Here's my version of Lynette Anderson's "Friends for Christmas".

This little quilt has been in the works for about 9-1/2 years now.   You can read all about it in this little Christmas Quilt Story.

 It is finally quilted!!

 And embellished!!

 And it's sooo cute!

 And it makes me happy.

 And I love it.

And I won't ever have to pin the quilt top to the wall and glue on the buttons at Christmastime again!

This one is entered in the Applique' category. When I made the blocks all those years ago, it was the perfect primer to learn and practice my machine blanket-stitch skills. There are 11 more categories and over 500 quilts in this show!  Check out all the lovely quilts by clicking on the link below ↓ then sit back and enjoy some amazing, inspiring, beautiful quilts from around the globe!


  1. That's a long time to work on one quilt. Glad it is DONE! I saw that Lynette designed the BOM for the Quilt Show next year. I hope it doesn'tr takt me 9.5 years to make it.

  2. This must be the best Christmas quilt ever wonderful and so good to see all the individual pieces in detail, you have created a wonderful masterpiece or should I say mistress piece here Deonn. There is something about Lynette`s designs that really catch the eye

  3. This is a great quilt, and I love the quilting on it. So glad you won't have to "pin the quilt top to the wall and glue on the buttons at Christmastime again!" It deserves a good finish like this :)

  4. Friends for Christmas is beautiful!!! Doesn't matter how long it took to make - been there done that. ^^

  5. Fabulous, very nice quilt:))

  6. Fabulous quilt! Just proves that you should never give up on a project. This quilt is stunning!

  7. So worth it! It came out great!

  8. It is absolutely wonderful and well worth the wait.

  9. I love your quilt, and finishing it after so long makes you appreciate it all the more, right? That's a good thing! :-)

  10. Oh Deonn - what a fun and happy quilt!!!! Congrats on the finish - I know that feels wonderful :)

  11. That quilt would definitely make anyone happy...it's gorgeous!

  12. Stunning! This is going to be so fun to have hanging this Christmas! blessings, marlene


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