Friday, November 7, 2014

Quick and Pretty 3D Applique'...

Here's a little tutorial for adding quick dimensional elements to your quilt.
Like this...
"Spring!" block featured in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks vol 10
                                                    Or this ↓↓

Or these:
Blossoms & Beyond

I seem to have a thing for butterflies:

Hexagarden Wall Hanging (PATTERN)
Here's how to make your own dimensional applique' pieces ~
               Heat n Bond ULTRAHOLD fusible web
                            (best results are with this heavy-duty "no-sew" fusible product)
               Regular Cotton fabric (batiks, solids, prints)
                            Remember, it's going to be double-sided, so double the fabric needed.

1)  Line the ironing board with a sheet of parchment paper or mylar to protect the surface.

2)  Follow manufacturers' instructions and PRESS to apply Ultrahold fusible web to the wrong side of fabric.  Use a hot, dry iron.  Hold in place for up to 8 seconds per section, overlapping iron until the fusible is adhered to the fabric piece.

Allow to cool, then peel off paper backing.

3)  PRESS two fused sides together.   Here I just folded my fused strips together.  It basically "plasticizes" the fabric, but leaves it soft and pliable to use in a quilt.  Another bonus - no raveling!

4)  CUT out shapes with sharp scissors... or die cutting machine.   Love my AccuQuilt Go! Cutter!

This creates a soft, pliable, double-sided, non-raveling piece of fabric.

For added dimension, PRESS to heat shapes through with an iron, and roll or form as desired, HOLD in place for a few seconds until cool, and the pieces will keep their shape!  I rolled the butterfly wings around my finger.  

In the example below, the larger flower pieces were formed around a dime to give them shape and stand out from the quilt block.  Then I formed the small flower centers around my fingertip, and just bent back the leaves a little on each side.  If you want to change the shape, simply re-heat and re-shape. A-dorable!!

Stitch the dimensional elements into place by hand or by machine.  All of the examples above were machine-stitched.  To embroider through the dimensional applique' pieces, a larger needle is helpful, and if you are doing a lot of machine-stitching, you may need to occasionally clean off the needle with rubbing alcohol. I think it's worth the effort!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Beautiful applique! Love the butterfly! Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  2. Very cute. Will have to give it a try. Thanks

  3. What cute ideas!!!! I love the dimensions.

  4. ohhhh my how pretty is does your garden grow my sweet Deonn...stitch by stitch it seems

  5. some beautiful applique pieces here and yes the butterfly looks very much at home on them

  6. Beautiful! Do you stitch through the ultrahold heat and bond with your sewing machine? I have never used it on anything that I was going to stitch through because it says it is not for sewing and I didn't want to maybe cause a problem with my machine.

  7. Wow, I am inspired. Greetings, Elvira

  8. Embellishing your works with 3d elements is really nice. I should try it once, thank you for the tuto , Deonn!

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. I love your beautiful imaginative block. So cute!

  10. Deonn - your tutorial is great - can't wait to try doing some 3d flowers. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book. Dee


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