Friday, January 9, 2015

Sweet Stitchery!

Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt and Sew We Stitch has organized a lovely blog hop featuring her fabulous "Tammy" bag, plus the talents of Brooke Nolan and her lovely vintage cross-stitch,

and Cori Blunt's adorable applique/embroidery patterns, designed specifically for this hop!

The "Tammy 4 All Seasons" hop starts today!  Mary @ I Piece 2 is our wonderful cheerleader for this hop - you can check out the full schedule HERE.

Embroidery and applique' - I'm good with those.  Cross-stitch with teensy little fibers like linen and 38 count aida cloth?  Well, we'll just have to see how it goes when it's my turn on the 20th!

Meanwhile here is today's lineup for a great kickoff!

I always love gadgets and tools that make the job easier. Take a look at some of our amazing sponsors for this hop!
BEAM N READ ( led light)
Brooke's Books ( seasonal vintage counted cross stitch designs)
Chitter Chatter ( applique and embroidered pinnies)
DMC ( threads and aida cloth)
H.A.KIDD ( monaco fabric)
MsAppleHeart ( Tammy Bag Pattern/Stick With Me buttons)
READERS ( best readers on the market for those who need to see their patterns
up close and personal) 
SNAP SOURCE  ( great gadget for adding snaps to our bags)
Yarn TREE  ( Q-snaps)

See you tomorrow!  


  1. You are such a delight..did you know that ?

  2. Thanks for those Cori Blunt's applique patterns. I am off to check them.


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