Monday, May 4, 2015

HMQS 2015 ~ Design Challenge

"Isabella's Bonnets"

Did I mention how much I love the Home Machine Quilting Show??   Right now I am at the show helping on the crew so the quilts can get hung for the show. We'll work non-stop for the next three days to put the quilt show together behind the scenes, and oh!  I really can't wait to see all of the quilts in the Riley Blake Designs fabric challenge this year.  Of course, I had to participate!
Quilts in this design challenge are put on display for the Home Machine Quilting Show's duration.  And on Saturday, May 9th at 12:30 pm, they'll be sold in a live auction to benefit this year's charity, Family Promise.  You can see more info here:  I hope this quilt brings in a good chunk of change!

Some years, the "Design Challenge" is truly challenging!   But this fabric spoke to me and told me it needed to become a nostalgic look at days gone by.  A turn-of-the-century, Gibson Girl, Downton Abbey-ish quilt.  Click HERE to see the fabrics in the kit.  I love the border print - roses, leaves, feathers... great inspiration for not only the quilting motifs, but the embellishments too!

I think that the charm of this quilt lies in the embellishments.  The applique' is fairly straightforward, then all of the dimensional elements really bring it to life.

You may recognize the sweet Little Birdie #littlebirdiepincushion.  Doesn't every hat need one?  His little tail is covered with lace. And the fabric roses, rosebuds and leaves give the hat a lush Victorian charm, I think.  See the tutorial for those HERE.

Bonnet #2, the roses and the umbrellas employ some basic sewing techniques - gathers and pleats.  Just adorable. 

Bonnet #3 gets a few ribbons and roses.  The crown of this one and the purse are both filled with batting for an extra little pouf.

Fussy-pieced the border fabric... can you find the seamline?

Mitered the corners, then quilted it with some traditional motifs and mimicked the background print to look like wall paper. 

Finished the curvy edges with a fancy finish!  See the TUTORIAL<<

Interested in the pattern to make your own?  Click to order >> ISABELLA's BONNETS!
Happy Quilting!


  1. I am so sad I won't be any where near SLC next week-end. Some days I wish I lived in UTAH! The challenge quilt is gorgeous and very Retro-CHIC. Do share the rest of the challenge quilts after the show.

  2. Wish I were closer as I would love to see it in person. It's wonderful and I can't wait for the pattern.

  3. Oh Deonn, that's amazing. What a gift of time and creativity. Amazing.

  4. Oh Deonn, that's amazing. What a gift of time and creativity. Amazing.

  5. Deonn that is breathtaking! Every detail is perfect. It will surely bring in a nice "purse". (Sorry I couldn't resist. lol)

  6. this is the most beautiful quilt I have ever laid my eyes one...gorgeous Deonn

  7. OMGoodness......that is just stunning. The details are amazing.

  8. tis must be the bestest quilt I have ever seen amazing

  9. Deonn - that is an amazing quilt! I was in SLC last week (out to Wyoming for a visit with Mom) and am sorry I missed seeing this quilt live by so little time and geography. Good luck with the money-raising and with the show as a whole.

  10. I am speachless... the quilt is so not my style ... but made SO GEORGEOUS !!!! All those tiny details... Really beautiful !


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