Thursday, November 19, 2015

Laminate Fun!

I re-covered an old chair this week.
You know this chair, it was in your kitchen in the 1970's!

After a move this summer to a smaller home, it has taken a lot of sorting and tossing and yard sales and organizing and re-organizing and touching each possession and asking the questions:  Do I like it, want it, need it, use it or have room for it?  It has been a very freeing process.  But I just couldn't toss this sweet little chair.  Plus, I have some tools...

featuring Halle Rose laminated cotton by Lila Tueller for Riley Blake Designs
Girls with tools, gettin' 'er done.  My husband is a carpenter, but I can never find a hammer or screwdriver when I need one!  So I have my own cute little flowered hammer with the screwdriver hidden in side the handle.  That's so he won't "borrow" it.  I know he wants to... ;)

I used a little leftover laminate from my summer Snippets classes to recover the chair.  Worked like a charm!  Can you tell I love my upholstery tacker, too?  I think it will hold for at least another 20 years.


Have you sewn with laminate?  This Riley Blake Designs product is regular cotton fabric with a thin vinyl coating.  Not stiff or hard to sew like oilcloth or regular vinyl or naugahyde.  And there is no fraying, which I love.  No need to finish the edges because they're sealed with the laminate.  And most designer laminate is a coordinate to regular cotton fabrics, which fact I also love.

Looks like these gals from my latest Snippets class had fun sewing with it too.
Snippets Laminated bag and Sewing Accessories - Free Tutorials HERE

Check back tomorrow for a new laminate project/gift idea, along with my Top 5 Tips for Sewing with Laminates!  (Don't fear the fabric!)


  1. My daughter just cover four bar stools with the same fabric. What a difference it makes on your chair.

  2. Your chair looks fabulous!! I didn't know about laminate fabric...I just recovered (and added a 3" cushion to) a chair I got at a garage sale that I now use as my sewing chair and I just used decorator fabric. How do you secure the fabric when the chair is metal and you can't nail/staple the fabric to the chair?

  3. Good question, FQ! I would probably use some super-strength craft glue such as E6000. You may have to secure the laminate in place with a strong tape while the glue cures - 24 hours for a thin application of glue, 48-72 hrs for a thick layer. Then it will hold for as long as the chair lasts!


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