Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Hot Pad - FREE Pattern

Need a quick project for Christmas gifts or a festive decoration for the kitchen?  This terrific "Quilt-as-you-go" stained glass applique' hot pad/mug rug may be just the ticket!

Reposted from my "Twas the Night" holiday blog hop here.

  • 4 Green Scraps (3" x 8")
  • 1 Brown Scrap (2" x 3")
  • 2 @ 9" squares for background and backing
  • 1 or 2 @ 9" squares cotton batting
  • 1 @ 9" square Insul-bright or other heat-reflective batting (optional)
  • 1/4 yard light fusible web (Heat n Bond lite, Wonder Under, etc.)
  • 2-1/4" x 42" strip for binding
  • 1 yard Clover 1/4" quick fusible bias tape 
  • 1 star button (optional)
  • Twin needle (size 4/80)

Click to download the free pattern templates here:
1)  Apply Fusible web to brown and green scraps and cut out the shapes.  Remove paper backing.

2)  Applique'.  On a 10" background square, fold in half and crease to find the center, either straight or on the diagonal.  Beginning with the trunk piece, center and press with a med-hot iron to fuse into place. 

3)  Fuse and Quilt.  Fuse the 1/4" fusible bias tape to outline the lower edges of the trunk.  Layer backing, batting pieces and top together, pin to baste, then use the double needle to quilt through all layers, stitching through the center of the bias tape.  

Continue by adding each section as pictured, overlapping the raw edges of the previous section, fusing in place, then fusing the bias tape on the lower edges and stitching the bias tape with the double needle.  When you get to the last piece, start at the top corner and fuse and stitch the bias around the entire piece, tucking raw edges under to finish.

Trim to 9" square, baste edges, add a quick binding (see steps below), stitch a button to the top if desired, and your project is complete!

Note:  If you don't wish to use the fusible bias to finish the edges, omit that step and use a single needle with a blanket-stitch instead, quilting through all layers!

Use a 2 1/4" x width of fabric strip for binding.  Fold strip lengthwise in half and press.

1)  Begin at a top corner on the back of the quilted hot pad, 
 align raw edges at top and sides, then stitch using 1/4" seam allowance.

 2)  Stop 1/4" from the corner, backstitch, remove from machine and clip threads.
a)  Fold binding at a 90-degree angle to create the mitered corners.

2 b)  Fold binding back to align raw edges; fold is even with top quilt edge.
Start sewing at the edge and continue stitching.  Repeat for the next 2 corners.

 3)  For the final corner, pin or glue-baste beginning edge of binding
around to the front; s
titch binding tail over beginning corner.
Remove from machine
and clip threads.  Leave a 4-6" tail of binding at the end.

 4)   Fold leftover binding tail into thirds, then edge-stitch enclosing raw edges.

 5)  Bring binding around to the front side of the pot holder;
pin or glue-baste into place and continue to edge-stitch the binding
to the front, 
pivoting at corners and back-stitching at the end.

6)  Form a loop with the extra binding tail, turn raw edge under, 
pin in place on back then machine-stitch to finish.

This will be especially useful when making all those sweet treats for the holiday season! 

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And the Stitchin' Kitchen Blog Tour is also going on right now!  Check back on Monday to see what else might be cooking around here when it's my turn.  See you then!


  1. Lovely little trees! Looks like an excellent tutorial that I wil save for a later day. Too many UFOs right now, but thanks so much!


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