Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's time for the annual Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival!

Looking forward to teaching these classes next week in Panguitch, Utah.  "Pecking Up the Pieces" is the theme of this year's show, and it's always a hoot!  Can't wait!  What a great way to kick off Summer!  If you are in the area, check out the classes and events at

Laser-cut kits for the Owl quilt are available on my Website, and you can find the other patterns on Craftsy or Etsy.

I love small towns where quilting is a big deal.  The little town of Panguitch is one of my favorites.
 In fact, early settlers were saved by quilts the first winter, when men laid out quilts on the snow to support their weight so they could walk out of the valley and procure supplies for their starving families.

by Jean-Christophe Benoist

Each summer this little town of 1500 hosts a Quilt Walk Festival, complete with quilt show, classes, vendors, a parade, community breakfast under the canopy at the town bank, historic home tour and a theater re-enactment and barbecue.

Quilts are hung on display all along main street homes and businesses during the week-long event, and there's even a statue of a man with his quilt depicting the story of the quilt walk in the town square.

Exciting times!  How about you?  Have you visited quaint, quilty villages like this one?  How about Paducah, Kentucky?  (Yes!)  Sisters, Oregon?  Hamilton, Missouri?  Both definitely on my list.  I'm sure there are other communities out there, sharing the quilty joy!!

Happy Quilty Summer!


  1. YES, I've been to Sisters a few times. I've heard that Panguitch is a great place to visit for the Quilt Walk. If only it wasn't so far away! We used to do a Quilt Walk in Walla Walla. It was fun to see them in all the shop windows.

  2. I wish I were going, but not this year...darn! You are the cutest teacher so whoever is in your class will be so lucky!


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