Thursday, March 22, 2018

Be a Pineapple!

BE A PINEAPPLE Wall Hanging by Deonn Stott, 21" x 26"

Recently I've noticed a few pineapple quilt pictures floating around social media.  I've really wanted to make one, and have been playing around with designs in my EQ software.  Here's my pineapple evolution:

Mostly squares. 
A little adjustment to the shape. 

Back to half-squares for the crown. 
I like it!

The fact that one of my daughters lives in Hawaii right now, plus an abundance of yellow fabrics in my stash gave me the motivation to make one. 

It's more like a beach towel.  Here another daughter, holding up the flimsy while standing on the couch :).

I still have lots of leftover yellows, so I picked a few of my favorites for a cute little scrappy mini.

I like it better. 

I thought it needed a little something else, so I looked for pineapple quotes online, and found hundreds of versions of the same quote, which I have never heard.  It's perfect.

I called my friend Barb at Quilted Works to have her laser-cut some lettering for me, backed with fusible web so I could just iron the letters to the quilt.  Used a fat quarter from my stash for a border.

I'm in love! 

Every once in a while, I need a reminder to stand tall (have purpose, firm convictions, be decisive), wear a crown (be confident, give my best effort) and be sweet on the inside (think before I speak, give people the benefit of the doubt; be kind). 


BE A PINEAPPLE Lap Quilt, 58" x 72"

Now, I think I need a trip to Hawaii!

You can find "Be A Pineapple" quilt pattern and laser-cut lettering on my Etsy Shop HERE.


  1. Love the mini Deonn.
    Both quilts are very colourful. The 1/4 squares give it so much movement.

  2. I love it!!! That is such a great rendition of the pineapple pattern and the fabrics are fabulous.

  3. I definitely agree with need a trip to Hawaii after creating those two beautiful quilts!! I need to make one with that saying too...I need to be a pineapple!! BTW, I also have a daughter living in Hawaii right now and I got to spend 6 weeks with her a couple of years ago. I had a blast and wish the Army would let her stay there longer!!

  4. Beautiful quilts and yes, you need a trip to Hawaii. I think we all need to be a pineapple!!

  5. Saw this post after looking at your 30 Blocks post--your pineapples are awesome, and I love the quote you put with the wall hanging. Of course, you need to go to Hawaii. :)

  6. Hi again,
    I have been meaning to make a pineapple wall hanging for a greeting at the front door. Not quite as big as your lovely creation, but it sure caught my eye today. This is awesome, and that quote really brings it all home!
    ~smile~ Roseanne


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