Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Buckaroo Stars Quilt Pattern

Buckaroo Stars Quilt made by Deonn Stott, 50" x 62"
Featuring Boots & Stars fabric by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake Designs
Yep.  It's a Horse Blanket.  Or a blanket with a horse on it, that is.  Or ahem, 'scuze me, a quilt.  The horse is based on a little line drawing my sister Janine sketches out as a signature.  And now the quilt is also a pattern, available on Quiltscapes' Etsy and Craftsy stores.  Big, simple blocks, quick to
make, easy to personalize with your own brand or initials. My sister's brand is J9.  I love it!  We'll have to make one with her own brand!

Remember this little cutie?  (See the original story HERE).

Sweet Lil' Cowgirl just loves her Hobby Horse.  But now she will be able to snuggle up with her pony in comfort.  

Of course, neither the quilt nor the stick pony is a substitute for the real thing.... just when she can't be riding her very own little pony! 

Such a cute Lil' Buckaroo!


  1. Howdy, Deonn!
    That's the cutest little Buckaroo I've seen in these here parts! The Quilt is Beautiful too! Is this your little girl? What a cutie pie!

  2. Thanks, Gmama Jane,
    She is a cutie! No, this little doll is my friend Debbie's granddaughter.

  3. Love, love this quilt!! What a cute little horse head in the middle. :)
    Buckaroo Jan


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