Friday, October 19, 2018

Home Again Project Tour

Do you ever get the feeling that fabric is speaking to you?  I've had that feeling, and sometimes I actually listen and go make what it is telling me to create!

Dirndl Vest featuring Home Again fabric designed by Jill Finley (Jillily Studios)
for Penny Rose Fabrics, a division of Riley Blake Designs.

Jill Finley's Home Again fabric line brings to mind plush meadows filled with blossoms and the sound of cowbells and little Heidi skipping down the mountains of a little Swiss village. Jill herself has some Swiss heritage (<< read her story) and it reflects in her fabric designs and colors.  These new fabrics may be found at your local quilt shop, or order online directly from Jillily Studios!

It also reminds me of my home here in beautiful Heber Valley, Utah.  Many of the original settlers who came to this valley were Swiss immigrants.  You can drive through the little Swiss-style village of Midway and see why they felt at home here!  In fact, Midway even hosts an annual "Swiss Days" celebration!

I've been meaning to make a Swiss outfit for myself, ever since we moved to this valley in 1992.  Swiss Days is a longstanding tradition around here, and it seems that the entire state comes to join us for this annual celebration.

Swiss Miss Royalty ride in the annual Swiss Days parade in front of the Town Hall.
Photo cred: Midway Boosters

I love going to Swiss Days not just to see the craft show and listen to music, but I always have to get a knockwurst with fresh-made sauerkraut, some traditional Bratzelis, and a loaf or two of braided Swiss bread.  Good thing my little dirndl vest has an expanding panel...

I altered an old vest pattern to add the panel, stitched some loops and laced up the front with a shoelace. I like the script fabric for the lining.

Lace-up front.

To complete my Swiss Days outfit, I'll need a puffy white blouse, a little red skirt, an apron, some white knee-high stockings, and a little wreath to go in my hair.  I may even learn to yodel!  Then I'll be all ready for next year's Swiss Days celebration.  Or maybe a trip to Switzerland!

For your listening pleasure, the little ↑ Glockenspiel at Midway's Town Hall!

Remember, these new fabrics may be found at your local quilt shop, or order online at Jillily Studios.

So, how about you?  Does fabric speak to you?  Whisper in your ear?  Talk to you in dreams?  Right now my stash is calling me from the sewing room.  Guess I'd better go downstairs and see what all the fuss is about. *Ü*

Happy Sewing!

P.S. Tune in for the next couple of Fridays for more project inspiration for this line of fabrics.
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  1. Lovely vest! I remember Heidi!! Can't find it for my kids to watch though....btw did you know I made my own Danish national dress when I danced folk dance there as a kid, I got alota of has a similar vest but in wool! And it closes tightly on the front.

  2. Un chaleco bellísimo .las telas son preciosas !!!!!

    1. Translation:
      A beautiful vest. The fabrics are precious !!!!!
      Muchas gracias, Montse!


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