Saturday, January 5, 2019


So, as of December 28th, it appears that Craftsy reduced the number of quilt patterns available on their website from over 29,000 to around 2300!  With those odds, I guess I'm lucky that six of my 42 patterns were spared from the great purge; about 15%.  Here's my whole store.

What this means is, I'll probably need to ~

1)  Upload my surviving patterns elsewhere.
2)  Correct all the broken links on the blog that lead to Craftsy.
3)  Correct all the broken links on my Pinterest pins that lead to Craftsy.


So, where do I go?  Right now, the Quiltscapes Etsy Shop hosts about half of my patterns, and I have moved most of my freebies to my Tutorials page here on the blog.  That page could do with some good organizing though.  And I still need to revive several of my 37 "lost" tutorials from the Riley Blake Designs' website when they went through a similar web host transition last year.  It will take some time, but I'll get there.

My longarm website, QuiltscapesQuilting also hosts a couple dozen patterns, not necessarily the same as on the Etsy shop, so I'll be making some adjustments there too.  It has been good to have multiple sources for pattern sales.  For now, I'll leave the surviving few patterns at Craftsy (now renamed "Bluprint"), and continue adding the missing patterns to my Etsy shop, as well as a few new ones.

What I really need to do is rethink, revisit, revise, revamp, and redo - maybe with a brand new site that combines everything: the longarm business, the blog, the store(s), class and lecture schedule and so on. For starters, I know this blog needs a serious makeover - my daughters and even my sisters have been telling me so, lol!  So far, my DIY-learn-as-you-go method has sufficed, but with this Craftsy shake-up, maybe it's time to amp it up a bit, get some expert intervention.  At the very least, I should learn to use my Instagram account, lol!

These days, I'm quite a bit relaxed about blogging; I like creating on my own schedule.  But I also love to design projects for Riley Blake Designs, quilt for clients, teach classes around the region, and explore new designs with a daily EQ challenge I give myself.  Also, for another year and a half I'll be enjoying my part-time volunteer service of singing with the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. It's nice to have the kind of flexibility that allows me to pursue all of my interests at once, and still have time for family.

But new adventures await as I look ahead to 2019 - more Ch-ch-changes!  It's been an evolution, but I'm embracing my, ahem, "natural" hair color, lol!  OK, the real changes:  We are making plans to build a new house this year, AND I'll (finally!) be entering into the realm of GRANDMA-hood!! Woohoo!  I hear it's great, and I can't wait!

So, in the midst of all these changes, we've had lots to celebrate around here in the last little bit.  So, I'll say, Happy Christmas, Happy 33rd Anniversary to my Hon, Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary to my son and his wife, Happy Birthday to my girls yesterday.  It will be my Blogiversary next week, our first granddaughter arrives next month.  Here's to a wonderful year ahead!

Happy dreaming and creating and enjoying it all.  Even the grey hairs...

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