Tuesday, March 12, 2019

RBD's Novelty Print of the Month: Sharks & Fins

Baby Shark 🎵 doo, doo, do-doo, do-doo 🎵...

"BABY SHARKIE" Lap Quilt, 55" x 65"
A Simple Sadie/Modern Millie quilt with applique' by Deonn Stott
Have you heard the "Baby Shark" song?  If you are a parent/grandparent of toddlers, this "earworm" of a song is pretty popular.  Over 2 BILLION views on YouTube!  And only a little bit annoying.  😏  But it's the first thing I thought of when I took a look at Riley Blake Designs' fun novelty-print-of-the-month for March: Sharks & Fins.  Look, the sharks are singing along!

In addition to the Sharks and the Fins, these RBD Basics were the perfect complement to the quilt: Crayola Kaleidoscope in granite, Blossom in denim, Mini Hashtag in aqua, Confetti Cottons in Riley black and Riley white with nighttime Shades for the lettering.

If I ever have a piece of fabric that is too cute to cut, this Simple Sadie quilt is my go-to: minimal fabric, maximum fun! Sometimes I'll add a little applique' accent, if it warrants.  See samples HERE. I usually use the novelty print as the center.  This time, I thought the novelty prints seemed perfect for borders, with applique' elements as the focal point.

Look at those glorious colors of the sky and the ocean - perfectly reflected in these cute fabrics.  No color retouches necessary!  The fabrics arrived just in time for me to pack up and fly to Hawaii to visit my daughter and her husband and their brand new baby girl.  They've got a sweet little sewing room set up, and I stole some moments between baby cuddles to work on the quilt.  Good thing it was simple -- I just couldn't get enough of that baby!  

We test-drove my daughter's new Cricut cutter for the fabric lettering, backed with fusible web.  Tip:  Remove the paper backing prior to cutting for more optimum cuts.  You're welcome!  Took forevvver to remove the fabric (and paper) from the brand new sticky mat.  We blamed it on the lack of sleep but had to laugh at ourselves... and all the doo-doo....

Once I got the quilt top done, it was time to head to the beach for a few snapshots.

He's so cute.  Can you see the prairie point baby shark tooth?

It was a wee bit windy!

But so beautiful.  

So, I made the quilt top in Hawaii, then brought it home to quilt and bind.  The quilting design is "Waverly" by Ann Bright Designs. I think it looks like water.

Used the Blossom fabric for the binding.  Love that it adds a bit of sparkle!

And the backing - more of the Crayola Kaleidoscope fabric.  Looks a bit like fish scales. Perfect!

Aaaaaand, here's my beach.  Yep.  Still winter here in Heber Valley, Utah.  It's my Snow Shark.

My tropical drink.  With marshmallows.

Wish I could turn right around and deliver the quilt in person!  Guess I'll just have to rely on Facetime, Skype, photos and phone calls.  And save up for the next trip to Oahu!

I've made up templates for the baby shark, now available with the purchase of the Simple Sadie pattern over at my Etsy shop.  You can make a quilt like this one and sing the little song every time you see it.  I like this version of the song.  Learn the dance, then sing each verse with ♪ doo, doo, do-doo, do-doo ♪ in between!  Happy "earworm"!

Here's my teeny grandbaby, doing the "baby shark" with her little hand in her sleep.  Precious!

Ask for Sharks & Fins novelty prints at your local quilt shop, or shop online! 

P.S. If you're not a parent/grandparent of toddlers, you might enjoy James Cordon's grownup version of "Baby Shark" on the Late, Late Show featuring Josh Groban.  It's priceless!

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