Friday, February 7, 2020

My "Delectable" Mountains

Riley Blake Designs has partnered with Atkinson Design Group, creating fabric of the stunning U.S. National Parks posters.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Grand Teton poster panel, something that is close to my heart.

I began designing in my EQ8 quilt software, downloading the images of supplemental fabrics I thought would lend themselves to this "poster"; all BASICS in Textures, Shades, Landscapes, and Solids.

I'd been wanting to try a pieced border of delectable mountain blocks after watching an online tutorial a few years back, and this was my chance.

Here's a quick tutorial to make one "Delectable Mountain" block, finishing at 5-1/2" x 9":

*  CUT (2) 6-1/2" squares, one print, one background.  I used Blue Spruce Shades paired with Cream Texture fabric.
*  DRAW a diagonal line on the wrong side of the background.
*  LAYER squares with right sides together.
*  STITCH on both sides of the line, then cut on the drawn line to yield two half-square triangles.

*  PRESS seam allowance toward the darker fabric.
*  TRIM blocks to 6" square.

*  STACK two trimmed blocks with right sides together, alternating the print and nestling the seam.  Make sure all the outer edges are also lined up.
*  CUT the stacked squares into thirds (2" strips).

*  ARRANGE the strips as diagrammed.

*  STITCH the strips together in a row to make one block.  Should measure 9-1/2" x 6", unfinished.

This was a really fun block to make; simple and quick.  And I think it adds just the right touch to this design.

Love how the mountains are tessellated.  I'll have to play more with this block in another quilt.  

I have many memories of this wonderful place.  My Dad was a school teacher, and during the summers he drove a produce truck, delivering fresh fruits, vegetables and other groceries to various restaurants in Star Valley and Jackson Hole Wyoming, as well as the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  My Mom, sisters and I would sometimes meet him on his route for picnics and occasionally I'd get to ride in the truck.  I came to love those places.  In my college years I got a job in a lodge on Jackson Lake working summers as a breakfast chef and waitress.  I awoke to the beauty of this mountain range every morning.

Even now, I claim them as my mountains.  So stunningly beautiful.  I've hiked several of the trails, even swam in a lake near one of the glaciers about halfway up the face of the Grand.  Never made it to the top, though, too high!  It stands at 13,775 feet above sea level, and towers over Jackson Hole as a majestic sentinel.  I'll have to go back to this place for a visit soon!

Look for this and other of your favorite National Park panels at your local quilt shop or online retailer.  I found it listed online at Cute Little Fabric Shop!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love this, Deonn! I'd seen that Riley Blake had released Grand Teton panels and was wondering the best way to use one. Now I know. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love your quilt! I've seen several panels of this line, and bought some of the prints. It's really good to see a border on the panel: I'm just not good at visualizing a finished product!!! :-) You picked out a perfect block to frame those lovely mountains!! Hugs, H

  3. That's my backyard too! I will always love those mountains. My father was a forest ranger there for a time. I have to make him this quilt. I love the border.

  4. Oh, I understand how you think those are your mountains: 'my' mountains are the Sawtooths, a few mountain ranges west of the Tetons! Like you, I let others roam around enjoy 'my' mountains when I'm not around! I love your border for this quilt. Perfect!

  5. Love what you did with the panel. I adore the panels of all my favorite places.

  6. Beautiful quilt of my favorite mountains!!! They are so rugged and amazing!!!


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