Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sewing Table Upgrade!

Many years ago, I purchased this foldaway card table. customized to fit a Singer Featherweight 221 sewing machine.  The table folds up and is lightweight - perfect to carry anywhere.  It also has extendable legs so I can adjust the height.

After 17 years, it was looking a little mangy!  Time for a makeover!

I had my husband remove the screws and take off the table tops.  Then I set about taking out all of the staples with a chisel and pliers, so I could replace the old vinyl. #girlswithtoolsrule

I borrowed a staple gun with 1/4" staples, then proceeded to recover the tops with some lovely Naugahyde.  Evan screwed the table tops back on.  #guyswithtoolsruletoo

Here you can see the custom drop-down that fits the sewing machine.  It is shallow enough to fit inside when the table is folded up, and just deep enough for the featherweight to sit flush.


Little Miss "Dolly" is happy in her new home!

Used it last month when I had a booth at the Star Valley Quilt Trail quilt show.  My friend Debbie helped with demos at the booth while I showed quilts and sold patterns.  The table worked great to sew standing up!  

Now I have three featherweights, and I've been looking online for a table of this type, but most folding card tables are no longer made with masonite board, but plastic or aluminum.  Maybe those could work too?  I'll let you know!


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  1. You and your body will enjoy having your featherweight set into your table. What is the pattern name of the quilt on the table made with hexagons showing flowers and a sheep? I am soon-to-be 1st time grandma looking for patterns for this exciting arrival.

  2. I love the quilt on your table with the sheep. Do you offer a pattern for it? It's darling!

  3. Great idea and it looks so nice.

  4. Great color! I wasn't expecting that. I haven't seen one with adjustable legs. Congrats on your booth in Star Valley. Wish I could have come, Darn Covid!


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