Monday, November 14, 2022

Those Who Wish to Sing...

I came across this Swedish Proverb a few years ago, and kept that saying in my mind.  When Carla @creatininthesticks put together this "Music" blog hop, I knew it was time to transfer that saying into a little quilt.
"Those who wish to sing always find a song."

Some of you may know that another joy of mine, besides quilting, has been singing with the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square in Salt Lake City for the past ten years.  I retired last May.  It was an amazing opportunity and sweet experience, singing glorious music with 359 friends twice a week or more, and it has been a little hard for me to let it go.  Attended the Sunday morning broadcast just last week.  (I'm not crying, you're crying!)

So, I appreciate this little quote!  It's a bit like Alexander Graham Bell's famous quote, "When one door closes, another opens."  And I'm finding other amazing opportunities to devote my time to; grandbabies, travels, teaching, another singing group, community theatre, and more involvement in my local quilt guild.  I'm still finding other "songs" to sing. 

To create my quilt, I wanted to use a low-volume pieced background.  I realized that I had an ample supply of black and white prints, (some with music themes) and auditioned them by taking a photo to see which prints would work.

A few of the prints didn't pass the photo test.  "Low volume" prints should not draw attention to themselves - just add a bit of interest and texture.  I cut 6-1/2" squares and sewed them together for my background.

Next, I sewed my border strips together and mitered the corners to frame the quilt.  The black and white half-inch stripes remind me of piano keys!  Those will also provide a great space for signatures from choir friends.  

Had to fudge a little on a couple of corners, but they matched up pretty nicely!

For the applique' I tried a relatively new product I picked up at Quilt Market:  Flexi-fuse.  Super lightweight fusible adhesive, has a nice hand, doesn't make the quilt stiff, and comes in rolls or sheets.  I was able to print all the pieces by running the sheets through my printer.  Wow, did that save time!  I just had to remember to reverse my images when I printed, and it all worked out.

My mother taught me how to sing harmony when I was six years old, so here's the Momma bird, teaching baby bird to sing.

As for the quilting, musical notes and symbols were fun!  However, I do recommend quilting the background before Appliqueing or "Appli-quilting" to avoid this:   

Love the musical motifs, though.

And a little Faux-Piped Binding to finish her off!

To keep in the theme, here is a sweet arrangement of "How Can I Keep From Singing?"  I can tell this was before 2018.  See if you can spot the brunette me singing "I hear the truth; it's living..."

~ "Those Who Wish to Sing" Quilt - Fabric/Supplies ~
Background:  Cut (30) assorted 6-1/2" squares
Inner Border*:1/2 yard, Cut (5) 1-1/2" strips 
   *Use leftovers for small words, vines, etc.
Outer Border:  3/4 yard, Cut (5) 4-3/4" strips
Large Words/Bird (accent color): 1/4 yard
5-6 sheets of Flexi-fuse or 1/2 yard of other lightweight fusible web
Download the free files for the lettering HERE.

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  1. I love your quilt! The background is perfect to show off the saying. Thanks for sharing the word templates and your beautiful quilt!

  2. What a nice quilt. I'd love to sing with you, and happily I'm going to sing with my choir tonight. We're preparing two concerts the next two weeks.

  3. This is such a beautiful quilt to express such a wonderful sentiment. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Beautiful quilt and a great story to go along with it!

  5. wow this is absolutely gorgeous. I love this quote. thanks for sharing

  6. Oh, Deonn, this is so beautiful and it's so perfect for you. I'm sure it was so hard to retire from the choir after so many years. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and your beautiful song and quilt. I'm excited to see what door opens for you next.

  7. I love this proverb. I have never heard it before but now have it saved. The quilt is beautiful and i love the scrappy background.

  8. Your inspiration quote was perfect for this challenge and so well accomplished on your quilt! I saw/heard the Tabernacle Choir in SLC about 12 years ago and was in awe with their beautiful sound. I sing locally with a large choir and love it too! Keep singing and sharing your gifts with the world!

  9. Your quilt is amazing. 'Love how you perfectly matched the stripes on the border corners. That scrappy background really works well for the quilt. Thank you for the free lettering files too.

  10. That's such a perfect motto and beautiful quilt to represent you Deonn!

  11. This was such a beautiful post about you and your time with the choir. I love the fabrics you chose for this gorgeous quilt! It's a perfect quilt about music...thanks for sharing!

  12. Deonn, this is just beautiful and what a sweet reminder of your time with the tabernacle choir. I know you have to be a little sad about leaving the choir after all those years, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you. Hopefully I will be able to take a class from you in the future!

  13. What a wonderful quilt to share your love of singing! I do love the printable much time saved.

  14. How lovely! And I particularly enjoy the momma bird teaching baby bird to sing.

  15. Great quilt, I love all your background prints! Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Beautiful quilt! Love the pieced background with the red lettering and birds. The red just makes it pop! I will have to check out the Flexi Fuse. Sounds awesome.

  17. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Your quilt is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!

  19. What a lovely, lovely quilt. The colors are perfect! Your mitered corners are excellent. I am one of those 'who want to sing' but, NO way would I submit you to my singing. Church or the shower are the only places fit for my singing. :)

  20. SEW sweet, Dionn!! I'm sure you will miss the choir, but it sounds like you will be keeping busy.

  21. I did not know you sang in the best choir ever! The sister of a friend of mine did, too, Robin, but I think she's retired now, too. I loved listening to her choir stories, and I have a Pandora station that I've finally gotten to play mostly the choir. I don't think you can ever get 100% with Pandora. The quilt is amazing and beautiful, and I love that saying, too. What a beautiful piece. I'm glad I came back, since it wasn't up at 1 am. LOL

  22. I'm glad I came back! This is a wonderful quilt, beautifully done. I didn't know you sang in the choir, but that means I've heard you hundreds of times. =)

  23. Beautiful quilt. And so meaningful. Loved all the details. Thanks for sharing

  24. What a neat quilt - I love the addition of the mama and baby bird, a little nod to your mom!

  25. Brings a smile to my face, and gladness to my heart. Singing and sharing the song feels so right. Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea today.

  26. Deonn, what a fantastic quilt! I love everything about it! And, what a beautiful and true saying! I know you will miss your choir. I keep thinking I want to retire, and I tried for a year, but just had to get back to doing what I was intended to do! Thanks for sharing today.


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