Chick Pincushion

Let's have a Hen Party!!!
Downloadable Pattern HERE

Supply List:
Two 3-1/2” to 5” squares fabric for chick body
(cotton, upholstery fabric, pre-quilted fabric, etc.)
Two or Three 3" squares for tail (same or coordinating fabric)
Two or Three red 1-1/4” squares for comb
One yellow/gold 1-1/4” square for beak
About 1/2 cup rice, ground walnut shells, silica sand,
or use polyester fiberfill for stuffing (your choice)

PREPARE comb, beak and tail pieces:
FOLD each square in half to form a triangle. PRESS.
FOLD in half again and PRESS again.

LAY OUT one of the chick body squares right side up,
and ARRANGE beak and comb pieces as ↓ pictured
(align raw edges, nestle/overlap the comb pieces).

PIN- or GLUE-baste to secure beak and comb in place.
(I use Jillily's Appli-glue)
PLACE the other square right sides together over the comb and beak.
Pin in place, then STITCH along the lines indicated, using 1/4” seam allowances:
Start in the corner opposite the beak and comb.
Leave an opening at the bottom through which
you will be able to turn the chicken right-side out.
Leave the last side OPEN.

LAY OUT tail pieces as you'd like. PIN- or GLUE-baste pieces together.

SANDWICH your tail piece in the remaining open seam of the chicken:

Align the top and bottom seams and center the tail.
This will form the pyramid shape of the chicken.

PIN, then STITCH across that seam.

TURN your chicken right side out through the opening
(hatch your chick).
STUFF with your choice of filling;
WHIP-STITCH the opening closed.

 Sew on some little beads or poke a couple of pins in the right spot for eyes.
Have fun, make one or make a ton!

Spring Chickens

& A "Foul Fowl"!

Hen Party Chicks  PATTERN 
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