Monday, June 8, 2009

Where the heck is Panguitch?

After a couple of "Quilt Crisis" weeks where wedding quilts were due and I was under the gun, I can finally relax. Oh no, wait. I have another big deal coming up! It is time for the annual Quilt Walk Festival in Panguitch, Utah!

I'll be teaching a couple of classes this weekend as we make the trek to Panguitch, where the tiny town of 1000 just about doubles when quilters from around the intermountain region come to relive the great quilt walk. Saints who settled there over 100 years ago were trapped in this little valley during a harsh winter when food and supplies were running low. They tried to get out, but the snow was too deep. When they knelt to pray for help, they knelt on a blanket and realized that it would keep them from sinking into the snow. They used the blankets to walk out of the valley and go for help.

This is a three-day quilt show and festival with classes, luncheons, trunk shows and vendors. It will be my third year of teaching, and I really look forward to another fun weekend. For my paper-pieced kite class, I'll show them my oversized Denim Kite Picnic Quilt, but I'd like to get one made with cute, bright fabrics. I guess I'd better get busy, hadn't I? 

And the carpetbag class was such a hit last year, they asked me to come back for another round. Should be fun!

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