Friday, May 20, 2011

HMQS Design Challenges 2007~2011

Each year the Home Machine Quilting Show hosts a Design Challenge.  Sponsors supply the fabrics, and groups or individuals design and make quilts within certain rules and parameters.  On display during the show, the quilts are then auctioned to raise money for the show's charity of choice for that year. 

Here is a collection of the past 5 years' Design Challenge quilts, made by "The Midnight Quilters" (myself and two or more quilting friends).   Let's just say that some years are more "challenging" than others!

2007: Blossoms & Beyond

Brenda, Wendy, Ashley, Rachel, Debbie, Bethany, Deonn ~ First Place

2008: Wrapped Up In Our Quilted Past

  Deonn, Debbie, Rachel (not pictured) ~ Second Place

2009: Pump Up the Color

Rachel, Deonn, Debbie ~ Second Place

2010: Every Quilt Has a Story

 Midnight Quilters 2010:  Deonn, Debbie, Kami (Debbie's daughter) ~ 3rd Place

#2 Duplicate for Sponsor - Riley Blake Designs (also won Sweepstakes at the County Fair)

#3  Additional quilt made for Christensen Wholesale Warehouse

Version #4, for me!

2011: It's a Holiday~Isabella's Bonnets

Midnight Quilters 2011:  Debbie, Deonn, Tricia ~ First Place

Wonder what next year's challenge will bring?

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