Thursday, August 26, 2010

Etsy Bitsy

I don't exactly know what the word Etsy means or where it came from.  The only thing that springs to mind has something to do with a yellow polka-dot bikini... but I have now joined the Etsy community, a site for buying and selling handmade goods.  Their mission is to enable people to make a living making things. 

While I am far from making a living at it, I did actually have my first sale of a couple of quilt patterns on Etsy the day I set it up.   I already sell patterns on my website, but here is just one more way to get the word out.  I mean, if my Carpenter's Star class was one of the first two classes to fill up at Quilt Fest (, hey!  Someone must like it!!  And now someone in Massachusetts and someone else in Georgia can make one too!  Woohoo!  So I'll keep making things, and who knows?  Maybe someday I can actually make a living with all those etsy bitsy teeny weeny sales.     My Etsy Store

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