Sunday, August 8, 2010

We Made It!

Nicole's darling embroidered wall hanging says it all:
*Celebrate...Dream...Create...Discover   Live...Laugh...Love *
My daughters finished their "Turning Twenty" quilts in time for the county fair. "Yeah, HOORAY!"  Can you hear me cheering?  A couple of times I wondered if I was goading them on for my own benefit, but hey! They did it!  Never mind that it was 10:00 pm on a Sunday night when Lauren finished piecing her top so I could stay up all night and quilt it.  Never mind that she got her binding finished at 5:00 am the next day so we could submit it before the judges arrived.  This was the year the triplets turned 20, and their quilts were so adorable displayed and lined up together!  

Chelsea, Nicole and Lauren display their Blue-Ribbon work at the Wasatch County Fair
Chelsea's "Mary Engelbrite" quilt was super-cute in her favorite bright colors of yellow, green, red and black with wonky flowers quilted into each of the squares.

Nicole's Fuzzy Floral Flannels have little partridges quilted in each square and around the middle border. She made a couple of matching pillows from the same line of Valori Wells prints to complete the ensemble. 

Lauren's fabric choices were inspired by Moda's "Panache" line.  Who knew you could put brown, pink, dusty blue, comet green and gold together, and it would look fantastic!  One of the prints had hidden fish in the design, so Lauren had me quilt three fish in strategic places. 

It has been such a joy to quilt with my girls for the past seven or so years since we began our quilting journey together.  I love each of my daughters and am proud of their creative accomplishments, but mostly I love the beautiful souls that they are becoming, both inside and out.

Three 20-year-olds with their blue ribbon "Turning Twenty" quilts


  1. Wonderful!!!! They are so beautiful (the quilts are too!) What a great skill you have taught them. They will have quilts to hand down to their great grandkids that they have made. Great job mama and girls!
    I'm working on teaching my 7 year old to sew. I look forward to many years of sewing with her.

  2. Congratulations! The girls are beautiful and their quilts are wonderful.

  3. awesome, girls, the quilts are beautiful and my face is still smiling thinking of the times to come when you will laugh over the work it took to get here with your mom.

  4. there quilts are beautiful very nice work .lovely ladies.ihave 4 daughters only one can make quilts the other 3 can't even sew on a stich.


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