Monday, January 24, 2011

Party Chick

This little wall hanging is the result of a collaborative effort of quilters in my '08 Round Robin group.  I supplied the center block, then three other quilters added the borders to it.  I think it is adorable, (especially the dancing chicks) and yes, it is almost time for the Erickson Girls' annual Hen Party.  My goal was to get it quilted, bound and buttoned this week, as part of a One Thing-One Week challenge and here she is:  My Hen Party Chick! 

My efforts to make a dent in the pile are starting to pay off, also. Between client's quilts, two more lap quilts, a pattern and another wall hanging have made it to the "done" pile.  I'm down to about 68 UFOs now, including those WHIMMs (Work Hidden In My Mind).  Guess I'll just have to live forever. :)
See my STORE for a pattern of Hen Party Chicks


  1. 64 UFOs! You gotta be kidding! That hen party is so cute. I have heard of group quilts that add a round or a strip but my quilt group is a bit too old fashioned to try such a project. Still... it looks like it would be fun. Nice finish!

  2. Great finish! I love your WHIMM acronym.


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