Monday, January 17, 2011

Quilting Frenzy

I have a bin full of quilt tops and toppers that have been accumulating for 5-1/2 years, waiting for the Longarm Quilter (me) to get to.  And because there are such fantastic ideas out there for new quilts, which I want to try, of course, the unfinished pile keeps piling up!  

Since the Christmas rush, I have tackled a few of my own projects, and I'm finally beginning to see a little progress!  But I couldn't put everything on hold just to work on my old quilts; I also made 6 brand new quilted projects.  And know what?  5 of the 6 new ones are now quilted, bound, and ready to use!  Do a little happy dance!  Not only that, but three more quilts from the bin are finally quilted and bound, and I've also made or repaired 3 skirts, finished 2 aprons, a pincushion and several snap bags for my husband's safety glasses.  This is what happens when he works out of town.  I just hole up in my studio for about 18 hours a day.  My girls wander through every once in a while, just to check on me.  This morning I have already made a binding and stitched it on a cute D9P table topper. :)

Amy's Creative SideNow for the remainder of the week, while my husband's still gone, I intend to take on my friend Amy's One Week-One Thing Challenge.  Only, I think I'll modify mine to be a One Thing-One Day challenge, at least until Friday. 

Why the frenzied rush?  I have been invited to be the featured quilt artist at my local quilt shop, Seasons of Home during the month of March, with an Open House and Trunk Show on Saturday, March 5th.  I'll also be teaching  several classes during the month as well.  More details to follow.  I would like to get a majority of my quilts quilted and finished by the end of February when they will hang them in their shop. 

Think I can do it?  Maybe.  As long as I have chocolate in my studio!


  1. Wish I could go to your quilt show!

  2. Way to go Deonn. I am envious. I can't wait to see all of the finished quilts.


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