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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Made it to AccuQuilt's Top 100 Barn Quilt Designs! Please Vote!!

A Soldier's Star

WooHoo!  My little quilt block design made it in to AccuQuilt's Barn Quilt Design Challenge Top 100!  Now for the next few days, family and friends can help to convince celebrity judges Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims and Eleanor Burns decide which block deserves the grand prize. (This one!!)  I need your votes!! Can't you just picture this design painted on the side of a barn (or garage door)?  Don't you love the vibrant, clear colors and strong pattern that would show well from a distance? :)

There are two ways to vote: 
Click on this link:  AQ BARN QUILT DESIGN TOP 100
Find the picture of my design, 5th one on the page
Click "like" if you have a Facebook account,
AND/OR click on the picture and write a review (5 stars would be nice!)  This also counts as a vote.

Here's an additional incentive:  Vote for me, then come back and tell me about it here on this blog.  Follow my blog for another chance, and I'll randomly select a winner and make you a little quilted table topper of this design.  You can choose your favorite colors.

Thanks for spreading the word, and Thanks for your votes!
UPDATE:  PATTERN for A Soldier's Star is now available!  Click HERE.
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  1. Reviewed and liked! Hope you win!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Amy-Sukie!

  3. Beautiful design - I voted for you - Barb/frugalfabrics-Quilting Board.

  4. it's awesome! I voted! Best wishes to you & your son overseas!

  5. I love, love it. It is such a clear, clean, bold design. I really love the colors! I hope you win.

  6. Good luck Deonn..I'm rooting for you!! Beautiful block!

  7. I not only voted for you- I posted the link to my facebook and asked all my friends to vote for you too! Good luck- Hope you win!

  8. I voted for you AND it was my favorite. I think that yours was, for sure, the most "barn worthy". I know Eleanor personally and I'm betting she will think so too. Good Luck and keep me posted when you win. Carol Poulson

  9. I voted and really did like the layered star design. I will keep my fingers crossed. Be sure you let us know!!!! Hugs!!!

  10. I voted for your block. Good luck.
    Laurie in Brigham City

  11. I voted for you. Hope you win. My older brother is also serving in the war. My thoughts go with you- I know how hard it is to have someone you love over there.

  12. Great quilt design!!! I would love it on my barn. I voted and posted a 5 star message....pls enter me in your give away. Hope you win

  13. Happy to vote for your quilt design. I liked it even better when I saw the picture you posted of what it would look like on a barn. Best of luck.

  14. I voted for you. Hope you win.
    Love the graphic design. If you'll be at the HMQS show look for me in booth 514 doing quilt appraisals.

  15. Feeling amazed and grateful to everyone who voted in the contest!! With all your "likes" and comments, my design has the top votes! Now it is up to the judges to decide, then they'll announce the winners at Paducah next weekend. Thank you all!!

  16. Love your barn quilt! Went straight away to vote. I hope you win. Is this pattern for sale? I was looking on google for info on making a barn quilt and found your blog.

  17. I love your quilt pattern so much that it is going to be my choice for my own barn quilt. My husband had been pressuring me to decide on a pattern so he can begin making the base for my design. He got excited after our last two trips thru KY and traveling the back roads looking for barn quilts. They were so beautiful but I realized some patterns show up better than others from a distance. Your design and color scheme are Perfect!

  18. Deonn, I've been a faithful follower for years and thru many blog hops with Madame Samm. I have actually grown as a quilter by using some of your techniques and patterns. Your blog has been a favorite as well! I'm headed over to cast my vote for you...woo hoo!
    Gmama Jane


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